Saturday, 18 July 2009

The Magic Shower Curtain

I dragged the teenage son to buy a new shower curtain for the boys’ bathroom the other day. He didn’t let the side down - showing the utmost disinterest in the entire collection until we came to the one we eventually purchased. And look:

Little does he know that next time I catch his Facebook page open, or look over his shoulder when he’s online, I will actually be able to decode his prose. And of course, I’m spreading the joy with this little texting lesson, courtesy of our new shower curtain.

So we all know that :-) is a smile, and ; -) is a wink, but did you know that *< :-) means “Let’s party?”

And there’s more:

(((H))) is “hugs”

I-O is “yawn”

@-) is “hypnotized (tho’ why they would need that one I don’t know)

%-( is “confused (probably should be adopted as an avatar for most of them)

=P~ is “drool, although it’s more trouble than it’s worth since you have to insert a symbol

:-@ is “scream”

8-o is “surprised”

:-P is “oops”

And…pay attention:

:-* is “kiss” and :*) is “tipsy”.

You’re very welcome!

Expat Mum


  1. You live and learn!
    Would you :-@ if I sent you a :-* ?

  2. Wonderful weapon in any manic mum's arsenal.

  3. What a fabulous invention! And it just might keep them (and us) in the shower longer...!!

  4. Fabulous shower curtain and thanks so much for the language training! xo

  5. I think there are some even naughtier ones but it looks as though they weren't included on the shower curtain, thank goodness.

  6. Great post! We are onto them now! :D

  7. Holly Batman, another code to decipher. Just reading the nutrition labels gets me whoozzy.

  8. I thought *<:-) was Father Christmas. Fat lot I know about today's teenagers (mine are all grown up now but I have memories, how could I forget ?)