Sunday, 23 May 2010


Give me the rollercoaster ride, bungy jump or icy ski slope any day. Never before have I experienced such extreme fear. I have just been on a ride more terrifying than other any death defying journey of my life. My heart was literally in my mouth, my palms were sweating, even my feet were sweating so much that when I finally got out I kept slipping off my flip flops..

Being a passenger in my newly qualified 17 year old boy racer's car is right up there with any other heart in the mouth rides I have ever done and I nearly had a heart attack. I tried SO hard to be cool and not be my mother who sits in the passenger seat with me even now, pinned to the back of the seat with a fear of god look on her face and her foot constantly pressing on an imaginary brake, emitting sharp intakes of breath every 10 seconds until I want to drive on the pavement just to annoy her.

It is not natural for me to relax when the product of my own loins has taken my life into his hands. It is a constant source of amazement to me that my children are capable of doing anything on their own, without me. Least of all when I briefly considered whether he should show me due respect by turning the thumping, vibrating, sweary lyric'd music down and by not jolting the car until I felt car sick and by not speeding up at inappropriate moments. I kept having to duck down in order to avoid the disapproving looks of other drivers and pedestrians because the music was so unbearably loud. At one point when we stopped next to some people having a civilized meal by the side of the road I had to apologise by telling them it was my son that was driving and that I had been kidnapped - but I don't think they could hear me.

Needless to say, I am officially turning into my mother. I tried to turn the music down twice, I audibly gasped twice and I commented on the fact that he hadn't looked or used his indicator several times until he told me to "shut up" and even worse was that my daughter kept pointing out that in her opinion he was a much better driver than me.


  1. That was so funny - and I so relate to it!!!!! I'm like that when on the back of my son's scooter, weaving in and out of heavy London traffic!!! I'm so scared i can't speak, and when he turns round to say 'are you ok' because I'm so quiet I scream 'WATCH THE ROAD..' only he can't hear as the helmet is so bloody big!!

  2. Am so there with you after having two teens get their licenses. Here there is a 3 month period that they need to drive with us until they can drive on own after they have passed thier test. In our house it may extend to 6 months or more until we feel they are ready.

    It still makes me crazy driving with them.

  3. Geez! Poor you. Kudos though for keeping it zipped. Made me come out in a hot sweat just reading that, a sweat that has nothing to do woth hormones and everything to do with fear.

  4. Wish you would identify yourself though.

  5. Am SO not looking forward to this stage in my teens lives. And you're not reassuring me!

  6. Who is writing this? It could be me, I so identify with all the sentiments!

    I have taken to wearing noise cancelling headphones much of the time, even in the house!

    Thanks so much for this!

    Fhi x