Thursday, 24 June 2010

Take a page from my book...

I'm writing this post with a mixture of melancholy and excitement.
I say melancholy because as some of you will know from my FFF blog and understand where l am at present. For those that do not, suffice it to say that I am now a single mum, with a 15 yr old son at home with me and my 18yr old daughter who is now living in the home l vacated in March after my husband ended our marriage and our daughter 'chose' Dad. A double whammy. Whack!

This melancholy has peered out at me, as the last day of school approaches and reminds me of how fast it all passes. Tomorrow is the last day of exams for both my daughter and my son. So for my big girl this will also be the last day of school EVER! She is taking a gap year with the hope and expectation that she gets the grades to take up her offered places at one of her top choices; Northumbria or Dundee. She wants to be a Barrister. She will always aim high. Reach out for the moon l've told her, even though she may have to settle for the stars! I am excited for both of them and realise that they have the rest of their lives yet to live. As do I!
This would be so much more less of a big deal for me if she were still living with me, so all the preamble and fretting were a ridiculous waste of time, given that she has gone from me 18 months before Uni starts!

My son has his last exam tomorrow AND his year 11 Prom in the evening (Form V to you and I). It will also be his last day of school. He plans to enter the 6th form college in September.

I remember last year l started fretting a little about the impending empty nest syndrome, though realistically it was  2 years or more away. I write this post in the hope that one reader will listen and enjoy the time shared with their beloveds, before uni beckons. That he/she will breathe deeply of the well of a their family and count your chickens or indeed chicks! They have hatched and we have set them on their paths. In my case my daughter was wrought from my tentative grasp when she decided it was in her best interests to stay with her Dad.  I berate myself for wasting energy and tears on thoughts of her spreading her wings, far before l needed to. There is no point in crying over spilt milk, l am trying to find my way and move on and up. I'm sorry if this post is too miserable, but l do want to share in the hope that others may gain from my sadness.

I really mean it!


  1. Such a huge milestone isn't it. Thinking of you. X

  2. your new look. x

  3. I feel for you, I can't bare the thought of them growing up and leaving. Though I think my son has no intention of ever leaving our sofa, let alone home.
    But isn't there something positive about them growing up and out, like your freedom? You're free to do something for yourself now. That's what I have started to tell myself. I need lots of time to get ready for the empty nest syndrom.

  4. I feel for you. I'm not looking forwards to the time when they leave home. Though I think that my son will never leave as he finds our sofa way too comfy.
    Isn't there a positive to the children growing up and out? like having time for yourelf do do new and exciting things?
    That's what I keep telling myself as I need lots of time to get ready for the empty nest syndrom.

  5. Chin up...all will be well. The empty nest time is the start of a new chapter for everybody...and I am thinking that I must plan something for this September so that when my daughter goes to Uni., I will have a distraction!

  6. Be proud that your two children have grown into young adults and have such an exciting time ahead of them thanks to your parenting and love giving them a solid grounding. The empty nest isn't easy to contemplate and, as you probably know, I filled mine with a late baby when my son left for uni, but if we hadn't taken that path and had our little miracle girl, life would still have held so much fresh excitement with all that freedom to fill with will be absolutely fine, you are a strong lady!

  7. Love the new look, Sara! Without, even reading this, I am posting mine on Monday from a very similar tone - As we look forward to setting them out on their way in life...

    I hadn't realised DD was taking a Gap Year - How grown up is that??! My love to you, always xxx