Thursday, 24 February 2011

Thanks for the memory...

I've started to work, as a volunteer, in a Youth Work charity.

Am I stark, staring mad, you ask?


I'm seeking a way through, it seems, and by chance I've found my feet working in the back of house, (so not with the young 'uns) in a concern that's there to keep young people this side of sane; to save them from harm, abuse, drink and drugs, self-harm, relationship problems, to keep them from despair.

I love it!

And of late I've been answering the 'phone, taking referrals, mainly to our small team of fab young counsellors. I love working beside them. Their energy just bounces off the walls.

I'm training as a counsellor myself. I'd like to work with young people. Eventually...

Call me mad. I am after all a proud Mad, Manic Mama!

I feel like I'm giving something back. Something good!

More laters.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

OK, Someone Tell Me...

I have an almost 18 year old and a 15 year old amongst others, but it seems I still have a lot to learn. I need advice.

The 15 year old Man-Child is rocking a Mohawk at the moment and it's driving me mad. Not for the reasons you'd think. They have no uniform or dress code at school (within reason, but that's mainly directed at the wannabee-slut girls) so the Mohawk is fine.

I just think it's boring and predictable. He wants to be a punk/goth musician; he's heavily into his guitar (as well as viola); wears black all the time and has started adding a few bits of dangling chains to his jeans. Being 6'3' and rather cute, I think he looks good, if a bit menacing. But the haircut? Please. It's just so obvious isn't it? I mean, teenager trying to rebel = spiked hair.

He likes The Clash, so I keep popping up picures of the late Joe Strummer and saying "Why don't you ask the barber to do that with your hair?", and pointing out cooler hair cuts in magazines. He either rolls his eyes and says nothing, while clicking back to his homework, or bats me away with his gigantic hand.

He's going for a trim tonight after school and I have half a mind to pay off the barber to accidentally give him a different haircut.

After my latest attempt at brain-washing (some dude on American Idol with a great 'do') the Queenager imparted these words of wisdom: "You do realise that the more you say this, the less chance there is of him ever letting the Mohawk go?".

Um. Yes. I knew that.

Expat Mum