Thursday, 24 February 2011

Thanks for the memory...

I've started to work, as a volunteer, in a Youth Work charity.

Am I stark, staring mad, you ask?


I'm seeking a way through, it seems, and by chance I've found my feet working in the back of house, (so not with the young 'uns) in a concern that's there to keep young people this side of sane; to save them from harm, abuse, drink and drugs, self-harm, relationship problems, to keep them from despair.

I love it!

And of late I've been answering the 'phone, taking referrals, mainly to our small team of fab young counsellors. I love working beside them. Their energy just bounces off the walls.

I'm training as a counsellor myself. I'd like to work with young people. Eventually...

Call me mad. I am after all a proud Mad, Manic Mama!

I feel like I'm giving something back. Something good!

More laters.


  1. Am so glad you are doing something you love. It's important work.

  2. What a great environment to be in. Do hope you carry on helping/being helped.