Thursday, 1 July 2010

Greece Is The Word...

I've been taking stock. I'm preparing for the future.


I didn't think it would come around this soon...

The Empty Nest Syndrome.

My baby bird getting ready to take his first, no it's actually his second, flight on his own.

To Xante.

Zakynthos. Greece.

18 Eighteen Year Olds (all male, Goddess help me! Lock up your daughters...) are getting ready to strike out of their own volition on holiday, before the exam results come in in August.

And I shall be taking some time for myself... I'll be the one, rocking quietly, back and forth, with maybe a damp tea-towel on my head in the understairs cupboard for the full fortnight they're away.

What else can I do?


  1. Book yourself a treat...a trip, a meeting with friends, anything....just don't ring him, text him, want to know what he gets up to, ask to see any photos, expect him to eat sensibly, as he will be sleeping in the day and partying all seems to be written in the rules of being 18 book.

  2. I am jealous , of him not you lol.

    So want a vacation.

  3. And don't check on his facebook page - he will have a great time and you must just take advantage of no dirty washing and messy bedroom for 2 whole weeks!! Yay!!

  4. He will be fine, as you probably know. Pick a project you've been meaning to do - keep your mind busy and at the emd of it you'll feel a sense of achievement. Also visit the library and see if there are ny inspirational books to get you through this period.

  5. 18 years young, healthy, vibrant, good looking, testosterone packed to the rafters,.......What's the worse that can happen?!
    (Love the Blogg).x

  6. I went to Zakynthos twice a year in the 80's....t'was my nirvana....heaven on earth..not so sure its the picture or rural idylll it was then, lve heard it is an island of disco/bar/partying....

    l have the ebst memories of sunsets at keri, nights at the cave bar with nicos and petros, kalamaki BBQ's....days naked bathing just the two or us and the turtles...on a deserted bay retreat...heaven on earth it was...

    and then there was four of us....and we stayed home....and grew up!!

    saz x