Tuesday, 2 November 2010

One Of My Worst Nightmares Come True

Before anyone has a heart attack, I say worst nightmare in a tongue in cheek way.

But seriously, is it not a nightmare when your twenty year old son (home for a night from the army) comes down to you and says "This house is a pigsty!" ?

After I double checked to make sure it was not his father standing there next to me (because the conversation was word for word the same as my husband would have had with me) and after I was convinced my son wasn't channeling his father from overseas, I almost burst into tears.

Then my son in my husband like fashion said "you're not going to cry now are you?". And what was his reply when I went into my "yes, I do want to cry, I have so many things going on and I am not managing half of them" mode? Well you have two younger kids who are home why are you not making them help you clean up?

I think I am going to hire him as my house manager. I think that would be the best revenge. Would it not?
I think I will also pay him what I get paid for the job.


Susie @NewDayNewLesson


  1. Having visited my son in his barracks. I can't believe he is allowed to keep his room so untidy and as for the smell.....

  2. Oh my they are indeed growing up. My boy is teaching me a lesson or 2 about self control and when to say NO! Sometimes I feel like I am his daughter... when maturity sets in, they become such a nag. oops is that me??

  3. I tried to teach my teenage son to iron his own shirts the other day and he said- why would want to learn to do that when you can do it?- Seriously!!

  4. (I've clearly missed a relaunch of design. May I say how much I prefer this to the wineglass? Much easier to read!)
    My children haven't reached this interesting stage of maturity, though Eldest did once remark that we didn't have a very clean house.. oh dear!

  5. Blimey - Man child keeps threatening to enlist. Perhaps I should consider it.
    His best comment ever was in answer to my repeated question - "You need to learn how to make your bed and keep your room tidy. How are you going to manage at college?"
    MC - "I'll just get a cleaner".
    My how I laughed.

  6. I'm leaving eldest son at home for four days after Xmas. His biggest concern? Food. As in 'who's going to feed me?'