Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Conversations I wish I'd Never Started

I've posted two conversations with my 15 year old son on my own blog, Mum's Gone to,  but felt the Mad Manic Mamas might appreciate them and sympathise with me. The inability of my addled, middle-aged brain to connect with the sharp, intolerance of youth.

Conversation One

Me: I see there's that famous bloke coming to town to talk to the Science Society at your school.
Son: What famous bloke?
Me: The one who used to do funny science things
Son: Who?
Me: He's the father of erm, that woman
Son: What woman?
Me: The one who's on the radio
Son: Who?
Me: She's married to a DJ
Son: Vernon Kay?
Me: No, no, a proper DJ, does the spinning things with records
Son: Calvin Harris?
Me: No, an older one
Son: Fat Boy Slim?
Me: YES, that's the one!
Son: What's her name then?
Me: .......Zoe!
Son: Zoe who?
Me: Ball! Zoe Ball.
Son: So it's her father who's coming to Spalding
Me: Yes, his name's something Ball.
Son: Michael?
Me: No, he's the singer
Son: Okay, Mr Ball, let's just call him John.
Me: That's it! Johnny Ball! He's coming. Do you want to go and see him?
Son: Nah!

Conversation Two

Me: I just heard a good song this morning from Radio One's Big Weekend
Son: What was it?
Me: I can't remember.
Son: Who was it by?
Me: The Foo Fighters.
Son: Was it Everlong?
Me: No idea.
Son: Well, how did the song go?
Me: I can't remember now.
Son: What, nothing at all?
Me: No. Say a few more of theirs.
Son: Pretender? Best of You?
Me: Doesn't ring a bell. Actually it might have been Chasing Status?
Son: Chase AND Status
Me: That's what I said! What do they sing?
Son: Let You Go? Blind Faith?
Me: Oh I don't know.
Son: Mum, you're really annoying. Try and think.
Me: I've got it! It went "I've got a feeling...oooh....oooh.....that tonight's gonna be a good night"
Son: That's the Black Eyed Peas.

Trish x


  1. LOL! I've had several of these conversations myself.

  2. Gigi - Excellent news! It's not just me, then.

  3. I'm quite impressed that you remembered the conversation long enough to write it down!

  4. Expat Mum - I didn't! Before I could write the post I had to ask him to repeat all the songs he mentioned. That caused even more tutting.

  5. that's fantastic you are having CONVERSATIONS! I want one of those

  6. Mrs Worthington - I never thought of that! Wow, I'm really quite blessed, then?

  7. That is soooo funny!

    And did you get that look...the one that says 'Oh my god my mumms gone doolally?

  8. Moannie - Indeed I did! I get that look every day so I can spot it coming a mile off.