Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Teen Daughter? Some novel advice -

Pop over to my piece at In the Powder Room for a new and novel idea on how to keep our teen daughters chaste.


  1. Interesting ideas....but we can't really dictate to our girls when we didn't listen to our mom can we? or is that just me!!

  2. And this is (one of the reasons) why I was so thankful to have a boy. Although, he does present other challenges (one of which,is to not get anyone pregnant....).

    Seriously, I think you have to give them all the information out there. Pregnancy, STD's, prevention, abstinence, how to say no, etc. Because no matter what you say - they are the ones who will be making that decision and in my mind and at least if they are armed with knowledge they can make an informed decision.

  3. Given the supposed state of education today, the kids might not be able to read the messages anyways! Also, if the situation is already down to the knickers stage, no-one is there to be doing any reading or they’d be in the library. Just saying. :O