Thursday, 19 August 2010


This morning after a very sleepless night, the Eldest Beautiful Daughter and I went to school to collect her A2 results. We timed it just to arrive at 8am as they opened the doors.

It's quite startling to a middle aged Mummy to see so many of these teenager creatures at such a time. Who knew they were capable of morning? As the tension level wasn't quite high enough, a box of the school's results had been mistakenly delivered to a local 6th form College, this meant we had to wait for the box to come back. After 11 minutes we're allowed in, it did feel like a fortnight but my watch told me differently and who am I to disagree?

The actual exam results are quite difficult to read and I'm not talking about my middle aged at arms length squinting type hard to read, just hard to decipher and I'm a teacher for feck's sake, could they not just put in bold across the top - Your A2 result is level...
Much less stressful, all round, I feel. Yes, I do agree, if I was in charge everything would be much better, so glad you're with me on that.

Eventually we worked out the she had indeed achieved the magic B C C required to secure her place, so in a few weeks time the Eldest Beautiful Daughter will be off to the place where they take all my money and she gets to perfect her drinking technique. And if we're really lucky she'll get a degree too.

I hope if you were collecting results today, you got what you needed. Much love from your

auntiegwen xxx


  1. Well I say, congrats to the mom! You did it!

    And congrats to your freshly minted college student, too!

  2. Angella - thanks 18 years of hard work is paying off!!!!

  3. Well done to her, and to you for the endless support I'm sure you've had to provide recently.

    I will be collecting No1's GCSE results for him next Tuesday as he is currently lounging around on a beach in Turkey with Smug Ex. Am dreading it!

  4. Great news - how stressful must that be for everyone. Hope she has a fabulous time over the next few years and maybe doing some studying too!

  5. Golden Girl - I hope the results are good (incidentally herself had a shocking cohort of GCSE results but that frightened the bejasus out of her and that helped so much with A levels) but it's not a disaster if they aren't as good as hoped. Hope smug ex gets sunburn !

    Trish - yep, I'm hoping for some studying, so much more at stake now (and we'll not go into all the extra work I'm doing to fund it!!!)

  6. I'll bet that there was a grin spread across your face from ear to ear, Auntie Gwen!

    How lovely that all that hard work has paid off and that she has got what she deserves, the EBD One! I know you will be so proud of her, even with the A* in drinking she'll be gaining in her first week, er year! Love to you x

  7. Fhina - that's a subject she could excel in now!! xx

  8. Congrats to daughter! Commiseration to you on losing her from the nest!