Monday, 23 August 2010

Starting Out...

Auntie Gwen said it first - Last week was immensely stressful, and not just for our wee (nowadays often ridiculously tall!) bairns...

I'm blogging over at MINE this week about how Grizz did on Results Day, and also what happens next.

Bring on the empty nest! (Wipes away tear...)

This is just the start for us again, is it not? Not unlike the first day at school, when we snapped them for posterity fresh in their school uniforms, new collars chafing on tender necks, shiny shoes polished to within an inch of their lives...

Now we get to start worrying about them all over again, as they embark upon even more independent living; Finding a place of their own; Cleaning house and doing laundry for themselves (Heaven forbid, or we'll be paying even more for fumigation than we do now!); Going out hunting for food all by themselves in the world; Making even tougher decisions - To go to lectures, or stay in bed!

And this time it's costing us an arm and a leg to keep them there. I don't begrudge one penny of it. For me, this time is about growing up even more than they have to date; It's about finding out who they are, making new friends, stretching their minds, learning about what makes other tick... Yes, I know it's also about drinking and partying, but as long as he devotes just as much energy to studying, I can be very tolerant.

Of course, I did chuckle to myself after I'd hacked into Grizz's e-mail account to check that he had his place at Uni to study Geography, and I noted that his first ever compulsory Field Trip in the new term involves a stay at a draughty and exposed, northerly coastal caravan park only around forty miles from our home!

Oh, the adventure!

Great luck to all of you whose children are starting out in the autumn and those taking gap years too, or who are lucky enough to be starting apprenticeships and jobs...

Blessings all. Wherever they are going in life.


  1. You are right - it is a new beginning. Not only for them, but for the parents too; especially those who only have one or are sending out their last one. Mine will fly the coop in two years - and I will try to remember these wise words through the tears that will surely flow.

  2. Hacked? you hacked?? I am both shocked and impressed!! and finding that I keep walking in and out of my daughters bedroom and feeling sad that soon she will be miles away starting her journey of adventure.....and will, in all likelihood never live at home again....oh dear I feel wobbly......

  3. Aah this will be me next year me thinks :(....
    so far this year only brings the worry of her attending her first festival this week..... 5 days in a field with rain forecast throughout :-/ oh my precious one!

  4. Congrats to Grizz and commiserations to you.

  5. Congrats and here are some tissues as well.

    My second went to pre-army school now for a year (like my eldest did), so I am down to 3 out of 5. Feeling old as my eldest turns 20 tomorrow.