Tuesday, 7 September 2010

One Less Teen, Way too Many Leftovers

My second teen has left the house. (Oldest is in the army, second is now in a pre-army school.)

I now have a problem. I need to relearn how to cook.

My second son has consistently been my biggest eater. I always cook a lot for the Sabbath and then end up having leftovers for the next few days. (I figure if I work so hard cooking, I should get the benefit of leftovers and a few days off.) For the most part, the leftovers usually got eaten. More often then not by my ravenous second son.

Now that he is not home during the week, I am suddenly finding myself with way too many uneaten leftovers. Leftovers that sadly go to waste.

The problem is that I stink at portions. For any given Sabbath meal, a whole family can usually drop by unannounced and I will have enough to feed them. This was never a problem because I always had my eating machine son home.

At least over the holidays now he is home. I get two weeks reprieve before I try to relearn cooking amounts.

Who said having kids leave was easy??


  1. I can totally empathize with you. As the mother of three sons, my food bill was astronomical, especially with the two youngest playing football in high school. They could really pack it away. When they left for college, I had some real adjustments to make!

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  2. JP and I can lunch for a week on Sunday's leftovers-could write a book on leftovers. Leftovers are the wonders of my week. But then I still have my big boy ay home-at 74 you'd think he would be ready to take off, but no, not while I continue to cook for him.

  3. It is always the little things that trip us up. Someone ought to write a book about using up leftovers - mine are usually soup - it would sit well with the times.