Monday, 20 September 2010

Straight from the horse's mouth...

One of the (slight) concerns I have for my man-child moving away from home for the first time today, as he is, is that he will not eat well enough.

I am anxious that he try to procure at least the Five-A-Day fruit and veg portions required for a healthy diet, to maximise the benefits...

One of the options we considered was him staying in Student Accommodation where two meals per day are provided. I was in the self-same type of Hall of Residence in my own first year in College. ...My mind fills with a vintage gauzy veil if you ask me how many years ago that was.

But it occurred to us that this could well be an utter waste of money, given his childhood reaction to school meals, which were purported to be decent and nutritious.

From the tender age of six, at his insistence, he ate only packed (sandwich) lunches that we prepared for him daily... Later he acquired fresh sandwiches from the supermarket near his High School, eschewing school meals, in spite of the fact that it would have been far more convenient for two working parents for him to have scoffed them instead!

One morning last year, we were in a right pickle, both of us parents so busy with work and running late so, rushing to get us all out of the house, I asked that he take the money I was then holding out to him and buy a sandwich from the school cafeteria, to save us journey time...

You know the kind of stress I mean, I know you do!

And he paused for a moment, and looked at me with outrage and horror, shrieking,

"Mum, do you know just how awful they are?!

I think they would rather boil horses' hooves, than cook us anything decent to eat!"

We left the house that morning in gales of laughter...

I'm going to miss that.


  1. Fortunately it's all junk food at student cafeterias so he'll be fine.

  2. What's wrong with boiled horse hooves? Just tell him that's what he's been having from you for years!

  3. Man children live just fine on junk food. Don't worry.

  4. I predict Chinese, Indian and Pizza take-aways with the odd hint of burgers every now and again. The only five-a-day will be bottles of beer! Don't mean to worry you!

  5. Ah to be a caring mum, men just don't care enough!

  6. I bought the Eldest Beautiful Daughter £62 worth of Waitrose. I'm guessing £42 worth of which will be thrown out.

  7. Yikes! Is that kitty part tiger, or what? My blog this week is also about, umm, cats.

  8. I need to be here, my son will be turning 13 soon and wonder if I will ever be ready for it! I hear horror stories all the time.

  9. The students in our uni, boys in particular,love the home cooked meals in the refectory. It reminds them of their mum. I want to be AuntieGwen's daughter and she can take me shopping in waitrose too.

  10. Due to a severe dietary malfunction by her mother, my daughter ate 3 portions of pizza yesterday - one for school dinners, 2 pieces at a friend's for snack before gymnastic and several slices with her father watching TV whilst a pottered off to a local pub - oh, the shame...