Monday, 6 December 2010

Big Bird...

Oh dear, it's been almost three months since last I was here 'in post'.

I have been finding my way through this time when my Baby Bird, Grizz, left the nest, full-fledged, you see.

And how is he doing?

Well. Good. I'm very proud of him in fact.

He didn't choose to go to a University far away.

For which considerate thought I am very grateful. My nephew is in Bournemouth. It makes for a long, difficult, expensive journey for him to get home. I think he feels that.

My son, on the other hand, is less than twenty miles from home. He lives in student digs two miles from my workplace. He sees me once a week-ish at lunch-time. We hang together, my big boy and I.

I chide him for wearing light clothes against the bitter weather. We peer into shop windows, in search of likely Christmas pressies for him.

We laugh at odd things, people, we see in the street. We chuckle together at the possibly deluded man who is singing loudly, perhaps attempting to be spotted by a Talent Scout, or X-Factor.

When I have to go back to work, and him to lectures, we hug. Warmly.

I return to the office, a great big lump within my throat.

Oh, it's Fhina by the way.


  1. You are so lucky. Having such a good relationship and being able to have those hugs. My Uni., girl won't be back until the 21st...then Christmas can start.

  2. I'm hoping that when my son goes to college he'll be kind enough to stay nearby. I don't know how I'd manage if he were far away.

  3. My son is off on a spanish exchange in the new year. I'm thinking of donning a flamenco dress and following him...I'm not where you are yet but I can feel it coming.

  4. He sounds like he is doing great. You on the other sound like you are having it rough.

  5. Oooh, you are so lucky for those weekly sessions. I haven't seen my one and only since September. She is too far away to travel back, but she had no choice as only one uni in five selected her against firece competition. Am so looking forward to seeing her in two weeks' time. I know just how you feel.

  6. Ladies, I am totally fine with Grizz being away, honestly - I think having him near to home really, really helps...

    The lump in my throat is really about the love that I hold for him, which is boundless. Even when times wuz bad...

    I love my baby boy, my man-child. Deeply.

    My love to you and wishes for so tender a transition with your Teen Terrorists... x

  7. Fhina, this is such a testament to your mothering. Your relationship with your boy a beautiful thing.

  8. you are beginning to fly too l feel...

    love what you've done with the blog, enlivened it with your deft touch my dear!!

    l sense l am returning to the beat of blogland...

    no one waits, except maybe the bloggers who hold on for you..

    luv sara xx

  9. I am dreading the days that my boys leave me...what will I do?

    Fellow Blog Hopper:)