Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Changing Christmases

When my beautiful children were small, Christmas was always a magical time for me. Although I was madly busy, the late nights of wrapping and assembling eleventy squillion fiddly bits of pink plastic (oh I remember well, the Barbie motor home of 1997) and the very early starts (the 5am Toys r us queues to buy Teletubbies, where I had to queue 3 times as they'd only sell me 1 at a time) I still loved it. Every single thing seemed worth it when we got to Christmas Day

I embraced the concept of Christmas whole heartedly, we had Christmas on steroids. What can I say? I was young and had a lot more energy.

Now, in my middle years, with my children growing up and aged 18, 15 and 14 you'd think I could ease up a bit. Maybe now they know Santa doesn't do it all they'd accept a low key Christmas.

Not on your life.

I am still buying chocolate Advent calendars, they still expect a stocking filled with wrapped presents (they have to be in different wrapping paper to the one I've used that year as they come from Santa) they still have a present from Santa and again wrapped in different paper and not my handwriting on the gift tag, we still leave Santa a drink and a mince pie, Rudoph still gets a carrot. I still have to have the Santa footprint stencil filled with glitter and the reindeer food mixed with glitter, we're big on glitter chez auntiegwen. We buy the same food, we have the same tree and decorations (19 years old now), for years I have filled the house with the smell of Crabtree and Evelyn Noel, as soon as any of us smell it, we know it's Christmas.

I still do all I've ever done, we just seem to get through more alcohol and have more people as boyfriends and girlfriends join us.

The more things in their life change the more they want some things to stay the same. May it always be so. May I always be blessed to spend it with the people I love the most.

Have a very happy Christmas with love from your

auntiegwen xxx


  1. Auntie Gwen - this is a very different blog than the one on your own. Funny how they get older but still love all the memories of Christmas as a wee one, washed down with a beer or too.

  2. It's true - they want all their traditions to stay the same. I forgot to do an Easter Basket for Man-Child this past year - and you can bet I heard all about it.

  3. Just brought a tear to my eye then gwennie...
    This year for the first time ever I didn't buy Advent calenders....this was a big mistake...I am a bad mum...

  4. Mrs W - I am now so unbelieveably over Xmas, I was in Tesco until 10 pm last night, it was like the 2nd circle of Hell.

    Gigi - I can't believe you deprived the man child of an Easter basket, shame on you !!!! xxx

    Libs - hello my darling, your Christmas card arrived this am xxx I felt so shamed I hadn't your address, are you and D able for a visit over the hols, I won't cook but someone else will???? xxxx

  5. Yes, the dear things. They do like things to stay the same no matter how 'grown' they get. The one thing they love most dearly is staying in their flipping pits while I run around trying to make them a relaxed and restful Christmas. What's not to love? HMS HerMelness Speaks.

  6. My teens (plus 7 year old) still sit around grandad as he reads "A Night Before Christmas".