Monday, 28 June 2010

Growing up...

It's been a tough old year this one, in terms of child-rearing, I mean.

What with the 'C' words: Cannabis, Cussing, Cigarettes, 'Can I have some more money for petrol?', 'Can't be arsed to revise!'...

And we've made it through to this, the last exam of my son's school career was on Friday, and he's been out Clubbing all weekend since to Celebrate.

And I feel utterly relieved. A bit flat even after all the drama, the Crises, the Complaints and the Crapilola... Now, we have to wait until August for his results to come through.

I shall have my fingers and toes crossed until then. I'll not bother crossing my eyes for luck, as it makes crossing the roads a little too dicey...

And he has so much high emotion riding on what he wants to do, with two University places waiting for him... (Forgive me for posting so little here, as things have been very fraught... Chaotic, to say the least.)

We had a very low moment a couple of weeks back, and I launched into Good Samaritan Mother Mode, to reel off my personal mantra...

I wanted Grizzles to understand, you see, that it isn't 'the end of it all' if he doesn't quite get the grades he wanted... There are always other options in life, aren't there? And, as much as I'd love him to go to Uni, as I had the luck to do, (and let's face it, the Chance of him getting a decent job in today's Cramped Climate are pretty slender), but his lovely life won't end if he doesn't enter the hallowed Ivory Towers of Academia.

We will Cope. We will Continue to support his Choices. Help him into his future. Whatever that bright future will be...

And so, we averted that Crisis within him. We left with him feeling a little more hopeful, more optimistic, about things... At least temporarily...

I've been growing leeks, did you know?

Show-leeks. Prize leeks. For our local pub's Leek Club Competition... You would not believe how Competitive people can be. I'm only doing it for a laugh - The Craic, as it were - so it's great fun for me...

It's been particularly engrossing, as I plant and replant little baby leeks - They're called sets, I believe... The wonderfully wise and ancient old leek grower who sold me the leeks, laughed indulgently when I called them 'my Baby Leeks'...

So, on Thursday evening I was on duty again, standing with my bare feet planted on the warm ground of my little patio, making sure that my 16 thriving babies were getting enough water, deluging the marshy creatures generously with the garden hose. Water running silver in the clear shafts of evening light.

And I glimpsed my Grizz through the window, sitting at his full 6ft 5" length over most of the wide sofa, dwarfing the living room, squinting at the telly... The Simpsons must have been on.

And I glanced at the growing leeks, and I looked back at him. And I blushed, full of Mother's Pride and Poetry at how golden, how beautiful, how big, he has turned out. This man-child of mine, on the threshold of another new beginning in his life.


  1. 'mothers pride and poetry'...gorgeous! Love that feeling, and good luck for August...went through that myself last year, tears on the day,and now one very fast year later things have proven to be just as they should be......3 A's, new boyfriend, place at Uni,driving test passed, a whole year of work experience and money in the bank....It was'nt the end of the world, as all of us parents knew. Hug him as much as you can while you can...time is precious.

  2. It is full of worries being a parent eh? My second graduated from high school this week. He is taking next year to learn in a pre army school and then has 3 years in the army before "starting " his life.


  3. Fhina,
    So glad that there is another mom who pulls hair out over exams And results and adhores her beautiful teenage boy sprawled all over
    the sofa as if he was the one and only.
    I love being a mom to a boy (and A girl).

  4. Lovely story Ffina, the way you compared your sixfoot fiver with growing leeks.

    But don't think for a moment that once they're gone so are the worries. Just got off the phone after almost an hour with LM the baby.

  5. oh Crikey! Oh Crap! Children are in hiatus. Mothers is Crisis with Cinzano and Cranberry by the Cup!

    Culminating in a Crazy, Cheerless, Crazzled Condition.

    luv ya..
    we can make it through together babe, gin and choc on tap....

    saz x

  6. Never forget the time our stupid dog dug up my grandad's prize leeks. They were bloody enormous but didn't last the week to the competiton. Eek.
    And - the big leek (ie. huge son) can always re-sit if the results aren't what he want eh?
    I have to say I am now a big fan of the American system whereby my Qyeenager (going into Upper 6th equivalent) will be finished exams before November (albeit has to keep her grades up) and will know where she's going by about March. No need for all that tension.