Sunday, 6 June 2010

Land of the Giants

This is a tall household. My husband is 6'4" so I sort of knew what I was getting myself into. (I'm 5'7", so not particularly tall.)

My kids are huge. They were fairly big babies but by the time they were two, they were inches taller than their friends.

The 17 year old daughter is 5'8" and seems to have stopped growing, but has been that height for several years, putting her in the "tall" category for a while there.  The just-turned 7 year old is often taken for a 10 year old, despite the fact that his front teeth are all missing, in true 6-7 year old fashion.  He is the 2nd tallest in his class and one of the youngest.

But it's the 14 year old man-child who is the real shocker. He's 6'3", takes a size 14 shoe and has hands like dinner plates. He's been shaving for almost a year now and he sounds like his dad.  Sometimes it's hard as people take him for an 18 year old, although when the older girls hit on him he's not complaining!

Yesterday we were watching him playing baseball. The other team's coach turned around and said loudly, but to no one in particular, "How old is that kid?'

"Oh, here we go again", I thought. "They're going to ask to see his birth certificate and surprisingly, I'm not carrying it." (He is challenged almost every year so I should know by now.)

To the amusement of everyone however, a random dad said "Not sure, but he has six tattoos and he drove himself here! He's taking me for a drink after the game!"



  1. The funniest thing to me? Your statement of "I'm 5'7 so not particularly tall"

    I'm about 5' where NEAR evidenced by the GIANT I have produced....

  2. Like Gigi I am generally seen as little, so I spend my time reassuring my girls that it will be nice to be thought of as young in the long run...

  3. Blimey he IS tall. Rory, same age, is about 5'10 and is seen as tall for his age. I'm 5'7, same as you, cousin!

  4. My daughter is barely 5 foot, aged 37, size 3 shoe and is challenged re her age in pubs!