Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Dining out on their dreams...

As well as taking stock, I've been looking at the rooms of my house lately. As I contemplate the makeover that I'll finally have the time to do, with Grizz on hand to help (Ha ha! I kid even myself!), while he languishes, possibly job-less, certainly school homework-less, over the summer holidays, waiting for his future to begin...

To College, or Beyond!

And the one thing that I shall be pleased about - as I meander through my troubled mind, fretting about how we're going to afford to pay back his Student Loans in time, pondering whether he'll enjoy Uni life, worrying that he'll not stick at it, and wibbling and wittering endlessly about how he's going to fare on his own - is that finally, I'll be getting my oak Dining Table back to its rightful purpose and place in our lives...

We'll be able to sit at it for evening meals, and it will no longer suffer having homework done upon it, with heavy, ink-stained hand; It shall no longer lie, overburdened with piles of never-read books and endless crap; It will be free of watery cup marks on its surface; It is about to be liberated from over-filled folders, bright reading lamps, and ancient files, and Other Teenage Detritus.

It's mine, all mine!

I'll be able to sit in the soft chocolate brown leather chair, gazing out over my over-grown cottage garden, watching the busy, buzzy bees, perhaps with a glass of chilled Chenin Blanc in my right hand, maybe thumbing through the pages of a favourite novel in the lovely evening light...

That's one thing at least that I can be thankful for, as I look out at the prospect of a semi-Empty Nest!


  1. I hope this comes true for you! But if your house is like mine - then the man in your life will fill it -- and any other flat surface - with other stuff.

  2. Gigi is so right!! I am looking forward to seeing my table too - still have to wait a couple of years though.

  3. Good luck. I hope it lasts and that your table remains as you dream!

  4. Your room is lovely, and makes me want a dining room again, as years ago we turned ours into another sitting room.....but with just the two of us now it does'nt seem practicable..... we only have a smallish kitchen table, which is where we eat now so the idea of a dining room is just fanciful I suspect.

  5. I love that table and the chairs are wonderful. I would have made the children work on the floor!
    Enjoy your 'you' time.

  6. Ah now, this is a room to aspire to, however it isn't mine... Mine is far more cluttered and disorganised and I have carpet and modern chairs, but I loved this one, and I'm longing to have the table back in use once again (at least for a time before my husband covers it with computer crapilola!).

  7. Fhina, Ahhh, I'm not sure how to feel about the empty nesting....but I, like you, look forward to fill some of the emptiness with a little more time for myself...I guess.
    I better start making a list now so that I am sure that I know what to do.

  8. Love the table. Good for you for looking to the positive.