Thursday, 13 October 2011

a strange day

29 September 2011
When we plan, plot, support and hope for our children, whilst still at school intending to go on to university, it is a moment long into the future.

A rite of passage for them. For parents too.

Buying things together for their room in halls, Stationary. New duvet and cover. posters, prints. Books, More books.

Anticipation. Nerves. Tears.

Loading up the car. Will it all fit. Two trips perhaps?

Excitement. trepidation.

Today my daughter and first born, woke with mixed emotions. Today was the day.

I loaded the car. Packed to the rafters. My tummy flipped. Told myself to get a grip. Lit a fag. Rolled down the window. Choked back a tear. Turned of the radio. Silence. Just my exhaling.

I arrived at my destination. Unpacked the car. Parked up. Walked into the hall and began to set up my stall.

 Every moment that passed, every second, whilst I busied myself with my procrastinations; I was aware my daughter would shortly be arriving at University of Leeds Trinity and would be unpacking the car with her father, 89  miles away. I had planned and plotted for her, but I was not a party to her plans this past year.

Never take these moments for granted. They aren't a given. We have had many shared moments together. I should be grateful. I wanted to be there.

I spoke to her this evening and she seems happy enough. Homesick already, as the reality sinks in she won't be home  (hers not mine) again until December. Reality bites.

For me it bites hard. People ask me why I stayed so long. I say because I didn't want to miss a thing.

What next the graduation? Will I be asked? It's not a given. Time will tell.

This time next year it will be my son's turn to leave for Uni.

Take nothing for granted.



  1. Oh, you poor love. It's hard enough parting from them when you take them up to uni, even worse if you are 89 miles away and imagining every step of the process. All I can suggest is keep busy and try not to let the thoughts get on top of you. And just be there for her when she rings and gets homesick! ((((Hugs))))

  2. PS. I seem to have lost where you are posting from these days and have just looked up your last post on FFF, but that doesn't give me any clues.

  3. It's hard isn't it. MIne left at the end of August with her dad for Washington DC (about 1,000 miles away). I was supposed to fly with my sons to settle her in but bloody Hurricane Irene put paid to that. She now has a really bad throat infection and I'm stuck on the end of the phone trying to take care of her. (I think if I'd been 89 miles away I would have jumped in the car.)
    Still - we know they'll be fine.

  4. Good to have you back, Sara - Fabulous posting x

  5. Oh, poor you! I shall try and look forward to Eldest's trip to university next year and count my blessings.

  6. I wish l could have, but I wasnt invited, wanted nor needed..

    though since she's been there, three weeks now, she has texted three times, once asking for my soup recipe that she is apparently craving...

    l've seen her once this year...maybe l'll get to see her before the year is out...

    thanks for your comments xxx