Wednesday, 14 October 2009

They May Be Big but They Still Need You

So my man-child hit 14 on Monday. It's great that he's now 14 as it's a little bit less embarrassing than having to tell people he's 13 when he's almost 6'2" and visibly a big kid.
I took him for his annual doc check up. (You have to do that here as they need the medical records on file at school.) He was a bit nervous about stepping on the scale, even though he's been working out quite a lot and is visibly trimmer than he was 6 months ago. It didn't help that the nurse laughingly (although gently) confirmed with me that he was here for his 14th year check up. Her son, she told us, is 14 next month and doesn't even come up to his shoulder. My man-child laughed the shrugging, semi-mature laugh he does when people tell him that sort of stuff, but I always wonder how he feels about it all.
Anyway, he got on the scales, and let's just say he was over a stone (14 pounds +) heavier than he/we thought he was. "Mom" he shrieked. What on earth did he think I could have done in that moment? Hell, if I could do anything about weight I'd be working on myself wouldn't I? But no, it was "Mom". (Reminding me that he is but 14 and not the 18 that he looks). I probably didn't help by looking at the number and saying "Bloody hell", but we had discussed the fact that muscle weighs more than fat beforehand, and he is looking very trim these days.
Our pediatrician (who has a teenage son) was fabulous; showed him the growth chart, showing that his height and weight were in perfect alignment (off the charts). She made him feel even better by showing him that he's probably going to be 6'5" and will more than likely gain a bit more weight.
But he's still my baby boy. (Well, not the youngest baby boy but one of them anyway!).

Expat Mum


  1. Oh dear, I'm first...fact is I hope sonny boy is no.11 'cos chap in blue is a big big boy for 14.

  2. I have one out of the same mold ( is that how you spell it??). Peter hasnt reached six foot quite yet but he's not far off now!!

  3. We are growing 'em taller and broader these days, no doubt... People keep asking whether I made my son sleep with his feet in a grobag (fertiliser!)...

    It's all that fresh air and better diets, and most mothers no longer smoke through pregnancy either - Result = Bigger, stronger, meatier children! If he;s exercising, that's such a skill and a routine to set for life - Excellent!

    I loved your 'Bloody Hell!' Lovely!

  4. I too am in the same boat. When my man-child was born he was in the 90th percentile on the charts. And he's pretty much stayed there ever since. This past month we took him to the doctor for his well-child visit and the doctor told him he was still in the 90th percentile. The boy was offended. I explained he'd always been at that point; nothing new. Most people think my 15 year old (just turned) is 18!!!

  5. My boy is 10 years old and has feet much larger than mine and is catching up in height with me too. I also wonder how he feels when people comment on his height and broadness... We worry us mums don't we?

  6. I left a post here t'other day and its gone, gone gone...something about us still needing them more and more...s I wrote a post inspired by this one..
    great post Expatmum..


  7. My son says one of the best days of his life was the day he could pat me on the head without having to reach up.

  8. Considering that my boys are only 4 & 5 now, this felt like a prep talk for the future.