Monday, 19 October 2009


You could take them away on holiday or take them to an adventure playground or a museum or a gallery or any of the usual things that parents should do with children whilst on half term holiday.

I, on the other hand am not going to be doing any of the above for a number of different reasons. Firstly, I'm quite sure there has been some mistake - they have only just gone back to school after an interminably long summer holiday. Secondly, for about the 85th half term in a row I don't have all three of my children on holiday at the same time. I have three weeks of them off at different times and by the time they go back it will be nearly time for one of them to start their Christmas holiday and thirdly, I am still going to be working.

The two children who are now on holiday will stay in bed until midday. Then they will mooch about in their pyjamas watching "Neighbours" and playing Fifa '10 until three, then they'll get dressed and be really indignant that I've asked them to do something and say they haven't got time they simply have to go out and then go out. My third will be at school. When the older two see him all they will say for the entire week is "have you got school tomorrow? Oh. What a shame. We haven't" and "what are you doing tomorrow? Oh, sorry I forgot. You've got school" and so on.

Can't wait.

So. Here is my list of things to do with my children this half-term:-

Make them tidy up their rooms.
Sort all clothes
Take unwanted clothes to charity shop
Do food shopping
Do washing
Clean car.
Sort garden
Clean house
Organise the last 10 years of photographs
Cook evening meal

The list is endless - and shall no doubt remain so.

I suppose I'd better try and think of something fun to do with them. Do you think if I suggest we do all of the above to music they might consider it to be fun?

No. I didn't think so.


  1. Now there's a triumph of hope over experience if ever I saw it! Good luck!

  2. Please, if putting it to music works let me know, I may try it.

  3. I'd let him off doing the car and settle for the others.... Or maybe a couple of the others. One of the others? Anything!!!

  4. I let them sleep until they get up (noon-2 or so). eat until they're full (ok...)and stay up until they're tired, playing Gears of War or some other thing. I know that's what they're doing because I can hear it, because it's easier than trying to get them to actually *do* anything. Occasionally I can bribe them into activity "I'll buy you (something you want) if you do (something you don't want).

  5. Do you think this is a list that ever (ever, ever) gets completed?

    (I live in hope...)

  6. And I bet you have a another list that list your lists, or perhaps you're not as anal as l am!! I'm working half term and the kids go to see Green Day with Larry! Shucks, I wanna go too.

  7. I'm thinking of making them live in their rooms (their litter trays!) until they can't bear the mess anymore! Or hanging them up in their wardrobes. My half-term 'holiday' will consist of turning into a dishwasher-loading-automatron, baracading the fridge and getting a combo lock for the cupboard! My husband who's still getting used to his ready-made teenage family is still shocked that 15yr old son sees snack where he sees bread for the week!!!