Monday, 5 October 2009

What next?

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Love is such a light and femur thing... We hold it to our bosom, kissing its forehead, smelling its perfume, and finally at the end of the evening, we tuck it into the cot there, wrapping the warm woollen blankie around its soft form, whispering hope into its gentle, slumbering breaths...

We whisper to our love sweet nothings, we covet love's beauty and its light and warmth... We scent its milk-scented swathes, as it encircles us securely in love and light and longing.

And in the Teenage Years, we find that love can shatter, not unlike a slender teardrop of glass - Fragile, beautiful and short-lived...

And so we tiptoe around love's crib, careful not to tread on the razor-sharp glass slivers of pain and torment that hurt and wound our paper-thin, parent-skin.

Yours in love and sadness,

Fhina-Fee x

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  1. Wow. Kinda sad, Fhina. It's rough having a teenager sometimes, isn't it?


  2. Now why did this make me tear up and bring a lump to my throat? Hugs XX Annie

  3. How is it you have captured so perfectly how I am feeling at the moment?

  4. very poignant and simply put...lovely, lovely, lovely...
    have you read my email of last week re possible dates??

  5. I thank you for your kind words and kind thoughts... I am living this currently, and it is all but doing my head in - I feel as if I were living with Medical Student Jekyll and Master Hyde... Love to you x

    Sazlette, I only just read your e-mail (in wine) this weekend - Sorry I haven't replied yet, things have been a little bleak house... Love you xox