Monday, 21 December 2009

A Mother's Teen Tantrum...

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Why is it that, on the fourth day before Christmas, when it's minus 4 degrees outside, I find myself having to scream and shout at my Teen Terrorist like a woman possessed, because he fails to understand that if he is going out into town with his Fiends for the Night and he's staying overnight at Barker's (who has five siblings, Goddess help them - How do they do it??!! How is that family still sane?!), that he needs more than a cotton hoody on, even if he is 'Just going around the clubs, you schizophrenic?'

I swear this great, gallumping Man-Child might not make it until his 18th Birthday...

Yes, I know he's out under-age, but there is no way on earth I would be able to stop him. And he's 18 in early February anyhoo, so I've given up THAT fight.

And why is he not wearing the expensive parka hoody (but bought in an Amazon sale - Canny Fhina, non?!) that he insisted he had to have as a Christmas present...?



  1. LOL!

    GAH!!!! The cry mothers of teens the world over! They think they know best, right? Let him go without the coat; I can bet that next time that coat will be on! (yes, harder to do than say I's the "mom" in us).

  2. No - they will not be sensible and dress warmly - but we would think they were very,very sad if they did, I guess!!! :)

  3. I can honestly remember being eighteen, good grief,fifty eight years ago, and I never felt the cold. I had a duffle coat but it was always swinging open. We had good thick blood then, not the thin wishy washy stuff that flows sluggisly through my viens today. Life is enough stimulant at that much to be excited about, or angry, hesitant for the future yet full of 'bring it on'bravado.
    Our rebellions were minor-we lived in a brave new world fit for heroes, millions had died for us. Now our children must inherit a world we have soiled and spoiled-our eighteen year olds know it. Let them be for now.

  4. hard thought to let them be.....but you're right of course they don't feel the cold....

    Fhina says....'that he needs more than a cotton hoody on'....

    my son went out in the snow last night hoody over polo shirt, van shoes, (canvas plimsolls to you and me) he emntioned he might stay over....

    laterl got a text..

    'staying over back tomoz x'
    l tested back, 'address please''

    reply, 'why?'

    I text back, 'so that when you call saying you've about to be bum raped, l know where to come get you...

    his reply..'l've been bum raped twice already, no fine..nite xx'

    he walks in the house 8.30am..(Q? why can he get up at a strangers house early?) anyway he has walked through the snow 2 miles home in canvas shoes, no coat, hoody undone, scarf i his pocket, ...'cos I got warm walking!'

    give up now Fhina, just have a G&T and chill babe.

  5. Have just found your blog via BMB - It's brilliant. I am the mum of two teens and a six year old, and I will definitely be checking your pages again. Merry Christmas!

  6. ;) i remember I was the same a few years ago :D. We just cannot listen to our parents. don't know why ;)

  7. It scares me to death - It's minus brass monkeys here - He did take his 'mini-parka' out, but lawd knows if the beggar wore it!

    Saz, I was horrified at the thought of your wee boy in a polo top and Vans - The fashion!

    And Moannie, I know, but when I was younger, all the lasses in Newcastle wore a G-String to go out and nowt else, and I was always in my jeans, boots and duffle coat, I swear!

    Welcome Suzanne, and Merry Chrimble to all our listeners, subscribers, followers, writers and fellow sufferers! Mwah! xox

  8. so you do a reverse psychology on them "I don't really care if you freeze or not, it's no skin off my back." Then they're all "where's my coat don't you even care anymore??" and you go "why no, I don't." and they get all hurt and stuff, and wear it to spite you.

  9. Why? Probably the same reason as the Queenager went out last night here in Colorado (about 0 degrees Farenheit) with wet hair and then wondered why it froze!!!

    Welcome Suzanne - I thought I was the only idiot with two teens and a 6 year old. Yahoo! I'm not the only one!

  10. Love it! My darling daughter - 16 and KNOWS IT ALL, went dog walking with me yesterday. It was about minus 1 so... me - coat, leather boots,gloves,scarf. She - suede boots,light jumper, skinny jeans. She was bloody freezing and blue lipped when we got back to the car! I have given up trying to get her to wear weather appropriate clothes. Her best yet was ballet pumps in the snow...! Mxx