Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Is it too early to breathe a sigh of relief?!

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I know I've moaned on these pages. I've wept and I've despaired. I have hardly an original blonde hair on my head. I've got more wrinkles than the average Shar Pei.

I've dry, scaly eczema on my legs, making me look more like a down-at-heel Lounge-Lizard than a Yummy Mummy.

I've got all the weight Oprah ever lost, gathered around my midriff like a flabby corset.

I've probably consumed the contents of a New Zealand vinyard of Chenin Blanc white grapes, and climbed a glacier of 'Medicinal Chocolate'.

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And now I've taken a pause to reflect.

After a few weeks of nocturnal teeth-grinding (me), and some insomnia (himself), Grizz has received two conditional offers for entry to the University of his choice, as opposed to the University of Life (alias McDo's)...

And I can hardly believe it. I know we're not home yet. I realise that he still needs to achieve those results Northumbria Uni has set his sights on...

I understand that getting him to University is only the start of an uphill struggle. One where I'll be ringing him to ensure he's up in the mornings, and not skipping lectures ad hoc. I'll be meeting him over some long lunchtimes to see that he's eating properly, to hand over food-parcels, and hard folding cash. I'll be holding my breath while he sits exams and travels abroad on expeditions for Geographical and Environmental "research."

But I still wonder, is it too early for me to breathe at least a little sigh of relief??!

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Oh, and I'm not bragging - No, really I'm not.

At least not since his 'Personal Statement' (for Uni, that I practically wrote for him, (in his own words, mind)) was returned to his school office 'as it had 'grammatical errors'... Gulp...

And me the English Graduate - D'oh!


  1. I think you have to grab those merciful moments for guilty sighs of relief. There are too many times in our teens' lives when we have to hold our breath!!!! Kudos to you Mama, you've done well.

  2. It's a nail-biting time. I was there a year ago. Hang on in there!

  3. Far too early! But I wouldn't want to depress you (too much). Hope he makes the grade.

  4. Cor - we visited Northumbria this summer. What a fantastic facility. I used to hang out their when it was the Poly but there's very little left of that. The Queenager couldn't believe that there were about 4 bars on campus. (Drinking age here is 21.)

  5. How's that for grammatical errors . "Their" instead of "there". Ah well, I only did English A level.

  6. I kNOW, l know,l'm there by you in spirit side by side, we are at the same place you, me grizz, tall daughter...l havent seen her personal statement...

    if grizz is going to Northmbria uni, he wont be far will he.....

  7. shit sorry fhi...l;m signed in as Moannie...
    saz x

  8. No probs, Moannie/Saz! How is tall daughter getting on with her application - Does she still fancy Northumbria too?

    He now has another conditional offer for Sunderland - The next two are Bath (I thought it would be nice to visit one of the cities of Jane Austen (!) and Nottingham Trent (a much loved former boyfriend of mine went there! Is that a good enough reason to try to send your son there too?!) xxx

    You're right Expat Mum - Northumbria resembles in no way the Poly of our years - It always had a pretty good reputation as a Poly, so I shall be very pleased if he gets the grades to go there - Definitely...

    As for the legal drinking age - It's a very interesting difference between our cultures, is it not? x

    Fair Scriptor - I know, I know x

    Vegemighty - I shall, thank you for your advice and for your hard work here too! x

    Rosiero - I shall hang on in there, precious! x

  9. One step at a time, and a breathe between each step...

    that is what it is all about after all.

    And sometimes they make out all right -- despite our worries.


  10. Too funny.....my man-child is half-way through his third year at the University of Alabama and doing awesome, I hope Griz does the same for you! Said man-child arrives home at the end of the week for a month of "holiday", as you all say.....lots of food to be prepared then!!! Hang in there!

  11. Despite herself getting her personal statement in by the 2nd week in October, her school only sent her form off last week. I am as cross as a bag of cats. Her form tutor was waiting for the office to tell her it was time to write her piece. Feck feck feck. And if I hadn't told her to chase it up, Gawd knows when it'd have gone off.

  12. ahhhhh my dear Son (15) has just informed me he needs to have a college application sorted out for tommorrow. Minor problem - he doesn't yet know what he wants to study. The two colleges down the road are rubbish. Where do I find out about 6th form colleges? (yes ME...cos Mum does everything..eh!)