Monday, 7 December 2009

Big Kids, Smaller Presents

I love Christmas shopping for my 6 year old. He hasn't asked for anything in particular; by that I mean he tells me he wants whatever flashes up on the TV screen but forgets about it ten minutes later. So far I've bought him a few boxes of Star Wars figurines and a Transformer. I know I can run out at the last minute and just get him a few more big plastic things.

Unfortunately I'm learning that as they get older it isn't so easy. Not only do my teens not ask for much, but they really mean it because the "surprise gifts" I've given them over the past few years (money box that calculates the money as it goes through the slot, for example) are collecting dust in their rooms.

And of course, the biggest problem is not that they don't give you many gift ideas, but the ONE that they do give you costs an arm and a leg. The Queenager wants an I-Phone, and given that her phone is the next door neighbour's cast off, complete with all her old phone numbers AND no functioning "delete" button, I can't really say I blame her. We've made it clear that this will be her only gift and she's happy with that.

The Man-Child wants a new electric guitar. Again, I can't say I blame him as the one he currently plays was bought from a family at school and is the uncoolest, beginner type model you can own. (Intentionally so, I might add. I wasn't shelling big money until we knew he was serious about it all, which doesn't just mean watching hours and hours of guitar-playing on You Tube, even if it is "That's Entertainment" by the Jam.) And again, he's happy with the warning that he's not getting anything else.

So here's my problem. How mean will it look on Christmas morning when they literally have one present each? Especially when their little brother is whooping and squealing with delight. No - I'll have to go out and buy them silly little, (inexpensive) things that probably will never see the light of day again. It makes me feel better.



  1. ..and there is much value in US feeling better. I think its key to a brighter happier self. AND lets face it thats key to everyones happiness!

    so lets drink to everyones happiness!

  2. I soooo know what you mean!!! I remember when Man-Child was small; some "guys" (plastic figurines) would make him so happy - and at a price of about $5.00 (max!) the gifts under the tree were GINORMOUS. Now??? He's into "labels" and "bigger" gifts. So the gifts under the tree don't look as plentiful....

  3. I was thinking of posting on the same topic - in fact, I think I still will!

  4. Similar issues here, particularly with the 'Santa' presents. God it gets complicated.

  5. This is a mega subject altogether, is it not??!

    Fabulously thought-provoking, thank you! xox