Saturday, 12 December 2009

Gentle Reminder

There seems to be some confusion in my house about parental responsibilities. I think I might have to stick a gentle reminder on the fridge door that goes something like this, (tinkling piano intro):

Darling teenagers, as your parents, we are responsible for-
- your education
- your health and well-being
- your safety

However, we are NOT responsible for-
- the amount of homework your teachers give you
- the length of school terms
- the starting time of school
- your shoes, jackets, I-pods, phones, school books (look for them)
- the fact that the weekend is only two days long
- the fact that you have a 6 year old brother who follows you around. (Oh wait, we are. Never mind. Be nice to him.)
- things that get left in jeans pockets and go through the wash
- things that don't get washed because they weren't in the laundry basket
- your frostbitten fingers because you thought you didn't need gloves
- ditto ears and hats
- the pencil/book/worksheet that you swear you left on the table last night

Please try to memorize but keep this in your pocket just in case.

Expat Mum


  1. Oh the laundry basket one did so hit home! I'm amused that if something isn't washed after Jo has done a wash it's her fault and Junior makes her feel guilty for not having told him she was doing a wash. But he knows better than to try that approach after I've done one and comes grovellingly apologetic to say 'How long would it take to wash and dry this if I needed it before I went out?' Both, of course have the same effect and we end up doing a second wash...

  2. So glad I've found this blog - I'm nodding away at everything on the list!
    My addition is - a a parent I am not responsible for knowing your phone is nearly out of charge or credit just before you're about to go out!

  3. I'm laughing, oh how I am laughing. Nothing changes, does it? The miracle is how we, you,them, all survive.

  4. Love the list, it is hilariously true! Think I will print it off and stick it to their bedroom doors!

  5. So true! It was my fault yesterday that the whole box of sequins from sequin art fell all over the floor, and definitely my fault that she has too much homework and hasn't time to finish it...

  6. My god, I remember it well. I could never get my daughter to wear socks! (Aged fifteen. i wonder why!

  7. Though my sons are now adults, this post brings back so many memories!!!

  8. Funny! Funny! Loved the one about the 6 year old brother.