Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Cynicism of youth

I have been following Family affairs and other matters as she is 'holed' up in sunny Dubai with her two youngest children following a super short easter break in Australia, as  a result of the chaos created by the eruptions of  Eyjafjallajokull. Get your tongue around that l dare you!

Inconvenient on many levels, as her son is home alone due for surgery tomorrow, her father readmitted to hospital unwell and an ill friend also admitted. Her ex boyfriend, Builder bloke has offered to drive out to rescue her in a 3,000 mile journey. I'm sure the offer now looks very attractive. Perhaps he is her knight in shining armour after all. Meantime her ex-husband is waist deep in fluffy clouds of remarriage plans, crazily to her Builder blokes ex. No kidding this is the stuff of a Hollywood blockbuster or at the very least a reality show!

But l have assured her to be calm in the face of health and safety, her health and your safety, never has the word been more purposefully used...

Of course my son and his teen mates, ponder that this is a conspiracy by MI5 to '...distract us from the election and other stuff that they are working on...'

so where is this innocence of youth ? sigh..

best wishes and positive thoughts to you Lu!!


  1. What a situation, I surely hope she gets home safely and quickly. That big ash is a big inconvenience!

  2. Well I suppose this is one disaster that cannot be lain at the politiians' doors. Shame!

    So many people caught out in foriegn parts, must be a total nightmare unless one has unlimited funds and a friend with a villa. Hope they all get home safely.

    God help us all if Krakatoa [sp?] blows.

  3. My Grand-Daughter is studying in Ireland right now...Am hoping that by the time she is due to come home next month the cloud will be gone and she gets back to the States okay...I remember all the problems and ash we had here when Mt. St Helena blew in May of 1980..I feel for all the people living through all this mess..

  4. Moannie-if you read Harry Potter-for sure all of that can be blamed on Voldemort or someone no? LOL

    I truly believe every delay is for the best. Things have a way of working out. From bad situations you see who you can count on and are sometimes surprised at who that is.

    Hubby got home after a 5 day delay.

    Hope it all works out soon.