Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Teenage Greetings???@#$%??

Teenage Greetings? Oh is that what it's called when they say words in your direction when they see you for the first time in a week?

My 19 year old had me pondering today whether or not the way teenagers respond can even be called a greeting.

Teen soldier was coming home for a night. I had just pulled into the driveway, but when I called him and heard he would be at the bus stop in a few minutes (10 minute ride away), like any wonderful loving modest mother would do, I backed right out again and went to pick him up. Honestly, I was not even muttering or mumbling to myself, just glad I was getting to see him and happy to make it a bit easier for him to get home.

He stepped off the bus, rifle in tow and put his extra large backpack (with gifts for his mother dirty laundry) into the trunk. I was a bit surprised that he didn't try to evict me from the driver's seat, but he must have been exhausted.

I gave him a kiss and said hi, it's so nice to have you home. My once cuddly son (which he was up until about 6 months ago), who would have given me a smile and a hug, seems to have forgotten how to greet his mother.

He turns to me and says "Why is the car so dirty?" Ummmmm, HELLLOOOO! Say hello to your mother. She is a bit more important than a black piece of metal that really was not that dirty. (See Exhibit A below-which most of you will agree with me does not look dirty!)

I understand that the clean car gene is genetic. Passed from father to son. Or maybe it is not genetic but more of a nurture issue as in the nature vs. nurture debate. In this instance my boys being programmed since the time they could talk that any speck of dust on the car is a big no no and something that their father should never have to set his eyes upon. Once they started driving, it became even more ingrained because they knew the penalty for leaving their father a dirty car, was not to get the car next time.

So okay son. I get it. You have absorbed and ingrained the clean car thing from your dad.

Now absorb and ingrain this from your mother. If you ever want me to do your laundry again, you will learn to say hi to me before asking about the car.

A kiss, hug and hi for your mom come before washing the car. Which you really did not have to do 3 minutes after we got home when you were so pooped you couldn't keep you eyes open.

Honestly, showing your mom some love trumps a clean car. And some days I think your father even agrees with me on that point. *wink wink hun, I know you love me more than your car*

Susie @NewDayNewLesson


  1. You just have to love those kids..Of course a smack upside the back of the head works too..In our family we call that a BIFF..it means Mom is right here pay attention..Works wonders on husbands to at times..Wake-up call time...My children are in their early 40's and I still get the same thing..that is unless they want something..But I know how nice it must be to have him home for awhile...Hang in there it really doesn't get much better but you know he loves you...

  2. Boys - the less they say, while still tolerating your company, the more it means they love you. (Or something like that.)

  3. Darling, at least he is coming home.
    Gun? What have I missed?

  4. BB- a smack upsides the head does work lol. I know he loves me-you're right.

    Expat MUM-definitely. He is even still my friend on Facebook.

    Moannie-was for a night, comes home every other weekend or so besides that. Gun-cause he is a soldier: http://madmanicmamas.blogspot.com/2010/04/my-son-is-teenage-soldier.html