Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Door

I have a lot of conversations with the Door. The Door in question is the gateway to He-mans' empire. The Door remains permanently shut. It is often slammed and is rarely open. It is like a gateway to another world. I have to knock at said door and ask for entry. Some times the Door replies " urg".

I also ask the Door some of these questions ( but clearly not all at the same time?)
" are you up yet? you are going to be late for school "

Door Reponse " Arg"

" Tea's ready"
" humpfh"

" Shall we do a revision timetable together ?"
" F*ck Sh*te"

" Your clothes are on the floor outside the Door"
" We're going out -see you later "
" pfft"

" I'm going to the supermarket, do you need anything?"
" lynx and cereal"... "Please"
" I need to come in to change your bedding "
It's a very nice door. It shields me from smells, teenage harumping, unsavoury acts, the fact that the only light on this room is the glow form the TV or PS3 and the general mess that is the domain of a teenage boy. I did toy with publishing photos of his many dirty undercrackers scattered where they fell but thought that might have been going to far.

I will miss this Door when we move later this month. I wonder if the Door will be as friendly(?) at the next place? Although given that He-man will be ensconced in the Loft room I think my relationship will now be with the staircase. Hello staircase.....


* many thanks to our newest MMM contributor Kate at Two teens, a dog and me


  1. I have very, very *sigh* many of the same conversations with my staircases.

  2. That looks quite tidy to me, you should see the state of EBD's bedroom, I can never believe that someone quite so beautiful, fragrant and groomed can come out of such a pit !

    Welcome to MMM x

  3. That's great. I roared with laughter. WE have a door like that too, but ours always has music coming from it. How old is the teen? I have an almost 16 yr old. Revision timetable? 'Mum watch your language'. Welcome to the madness Mama Kate!

  4. Our house has three floors, and the teenagers live at the bottom. It is possible to simply decide not to go down there and I do find this the best way not to get cross.

  5. we live in a flat now, with four different stair ways, so go figure, my flat must be an oxymoron!! ANyhow, its easier somehow, as we are more removed from each others own space than we were in a 4 bed house...WTF???

    I text my son as l know he cannot not look to see it is...and l get a delivered text back so l know he has more talking tot he hand/door..

    welcome to the Mad house!!

    saz x

  6. Welcome Kate, from this bystander who gets a great kick from reading how it is done today.

  7. Welcome teen mother! I have a door just like that and the room has to be aired almost daily! The thing that amazes me is that when he undresses he literally walks out of his jeans and boxers in one fell swoop. They lie if a pile on the floor looking like he's simply vapourized!

  8. LOL! Thank goodness ours are thin as paper!

  9. Thanks for welcoming me to MMM. It is truly amazing how they seem to be all cut from the same cloth, all be it cloth screwed up on the floor that they suddenly want to wear ( clean ) that night!
    I think I now need to write one about my daughter called Mirror.
    Son is 15 nearly 16 and daughter is 14 this week! Argh I am entering the eye of the maelstrom