Sunday, 25 October 2009

Que sera sera...

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Well, there was lovely Auntie Gwennie waxing lyrical just the other day about her daughter's Uni plans and the dreaded Pan's Labyrinth that is the UCAS form...

And her thoughts and feelings echoed wholeheartedly with mine. Because, you see, in spite of the myriad of hassles and grizzlings doled out by Himself lately, deadlines iz deadlines, and we have to jump through the same hoops as all the other Teen Terrorists at this time of year if we want to secure a place; Gap Year or no Gap Year... And no, there won't be a Gap Year, for we fear he just won't ever return to the Ivory Towers, and there are very few jobs available for school-leavers in this current climate.

So, I've drafted his Personal Statement while he was passing his Driving Licence (Third Time Lucky! That's another story for another day). I considered his best qualities and I tried to set them out in a way that would enchant the University of His Choice. You know, the one his girlfriend is already at?!

And we've recently sat down together and explored the written words, and I've asked him to consider his own voice, and what it is he wants to get over about his desire to be a Geographer. A Geographer and Environmentalist...

And somewhere, lost in the distant mists of time, when I once hugged the warm trunks of trees to me, feeling their energies and their great age and wisdom, a vibing energy flows back to me and I hum, 'Que sera sera, Whatever will be will be, The future's not ours to see, Que sera sera...'

And the seasons of our lives flow on... and our little acorns continue to grow and amaze us.

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  1. As the over contolling mummy we all know I am, you must know how hard it was for me not to "help" write her personal statement?

    Not even 1 word of it was mine.

    Does that not deserve a fruit and nut toblerone?

    For letting her do it all by her own self?

    I am trying to let her grow up, albeit very late, but trying.

    Can I have my toblerone for being a good mummy now?

  2. heartfelt post...I would like to help my tall girl..but she is being miss independent!

    A tall oak she will be Mistress Yoda!!

  3. My 14yo is already looking at universities and courses... while I try to persuade her not to banish her Sylvanians to the attic.

  4. I know a family here who not only wrote the personal statement piece, but sent in an application to a college they wanted their child to go to without telling said child. How pushy and controlling is that?

  5. Gosh, Expat Mum, you mean you let yours choose any of theirs?

    Seriously, I was amazed that having left out so many of his good points and achievements (that I would have put in his personal statement) Junior got his first choice. Perhaps the lecturers recognise and appreciate the ones that have been done without help.

  6. Oh no, don't say that! As I say, I just wrote bits of it as a guide, and then I work with Grizz on putting it into his language, embellishing the Why he wants to do things, Why he wants to study there... Writing, but not thinking, has never been his strong point... I would also never push him into going anywhere he didn't wish to go, and Geography is totally his choice in life... As I said, he continues to amaze me! Love to you all from my Sickbed! xox