Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I've been driving in my car.. It's not quite a Jaguar...

Well, it's over.

The hassling, the haranguing, the heckling, the harrassing, the hooting of derision, the horrors...

We've given in and bought a car for him...

And how do I feel? As if a great dark wing has been lifted from around my shoulders.

I had wanted to put this moment off... And we have, at least until most of the bad weather has subsided... but he needs a car to be able to travel to local sports centres, if he's going to work his way through College, starting this summer as a lifeguard. And we have no public transport chez nous.

De nada. Zilch. Postman Pat's Postbus, in fact.

Grizz passed his driving licence last year with flying colours... You might remember.

And I feared, as only a dramatic mad, manic, mama can, that only disaster lay ahead...

I've seen the car written off, (like our neighbour's son's - James was a passenger that day, remember - A year ago?!)

I've seen twisted and mangled metal, steri-strips and bandages...

And I worried, and worrited, and wondered, and wibbled, and whined, and wittered, and I might even have 'wined.'

But no more. The deed is done and dusted. We pick the car up on Wednesday. A 'Y' Reg Ford Focus Zetec previously owned by a non-smoking, tee-total elderly widower-man from Sunderland -- A gentleman who only drove the car to Church to teach Sunday School and never, not ever, crashed the car...


My man-child has wheels.

Gird your loins, and mind you lock up any loose animals.

Especially if you're a Postman called Pat, owner of a black and white cat, name of Jess!


  1. Oh no! The moment all mother's fear!

    Mine will be needing a car in the next few months as well - so not looking forward to him driving off - on his own - without me to be in the passenger seat giving out helpful tips and pointers! Uggh. Will be hoping that you (and Postman Pat and his cat) will all be safe!

  2. Hahahaha....(again), thought you were talking about MY husband, just bought a new truck yesterday, after all the shopping, haggling, hussling, calling, researching....sigh. Thank goodness this time we are in two different countries, for, next we must find my daughter a car cause she passed her driver's license last least there metal modes of transportation will never meet! I do know how you feel......MAJOR worry, don't think it will ever end until we do.....

  3. argh! that must be terrifying for you. fingers crossed all goes well.

  4. We're not at that stage yet but I hyperventilate about it already. What worries me is that although my lad is quite a sensible lad, some of his mates I am sure will be complete show-offs and therefore, reckless.
    Oh I need a lie-down just thinking about it!

  5. As an ex nurse I say with utmost sincerity, better a car than a motorbike xxxx

  6. I know the fear, and my sympathies. It will get better.

  7. So sympathize with you having two teen drivers myself.

    In some ways I think it would be better to just buy them their own car so that they would be aware of the expenses and they would stop driving us to drink about taking our car.

    I am an ER nurse as well so that just adds to the fear.

  8. Thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes - It is traumatic this step, I think... Another milestone of Motherhood/Parentdom, I think...

    You are right about the motorbike thing, Gwennie - It's me who wants a Harley!

    We cannot keep them tied to our apron-strings forever, can we?

    I must do as Saz does, and breathe, breathe, breathe through this... xox

  9. Aarrgghh! I'm with you. The Queenager drives our cars but has zero sense of direction. It doesn't seem to bother her but one of these days I know I'm going to get a call from her telling me she's in Iowa in the middle of a cornfield. (About 150 miles in the wrong direction.)

  10. O dear! Much luck. With number one and only it was a motorbike...not a big one but big enough...had an accident few weeks later and never used it again.

  11. wots wrong with postmans pats you know this is mine..