Monday, 1 March 2010

Playing Nursey

Last week my son Rory, 13, was poorly with a virus. A high temperature, bit of a cough and no energy at all. The "no energy at all" bit was difficult to distinguish from the usual bone idle apathy that we have to contend with, but as he couldn't be bothered to turn his mobile on I sensed this was genuine illness.

Two days off school and he barely moved from the sofa. He regressed, hour by hour, into the little boy I could fuss over without him grunting 'GERROFF" when I ruffle his hair. He lay there watching children's telly: Spongebob Squarepants rather than repeats of The Inbetweeners on his laptop.

I brought him his pillow and duvet, served him drinks on a tray, fetched books, adminstered paracetamol and even nipped out to the corner shop to buy rubbishy sweets like sour lollipops and sherbet dib-dabs.

We both loved every minute of it. He slept on and off during the day while I cooked, put washings in and got through a big pile of ironing. Later in the afternoon we watched Countdown together, gaining extra time for the numbers and conundrums by pausing with Sky+.

By Wednesday he was begrudgingly back at school, the transition being made a little easier with a lift there and back rather than taking the bus. He was still weary in the evenings so was easily persuaded to have a relaxing bath and an early night.

By Friday the brave little soldier was back to normal: grunting, criticising our television choices then retreating to his room to talk to his mates on MSN.

I tried to ruffle his hair this morning....

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  1. I love to know that this blog is here for all you mums going through what we all went through-if only it had been there for me.

  2. Although we would'nt wish illness on our teens, when they are its lovely that you suddenly get a glimpse of the child you once knew. I bet I know how the 'hair ruffle' went down this morning!

  3. Moannie - it is so reassuring to have online support like this. The writing of the posts is very cathartic and reading everyone else's stories is a great way to share the fun and the frustation.

    Brighton Mum - the hair ruffle went down like the usual lead balloon. However it is his 14th Birthday today so I managed to grab a cuddle anyway and he didn't dare complain!

  4. sweet.....glad he is better now....and isn't it lovely when we get glimpses of the young boy in our young men? My son is 25 tomorrow (hello? how did that happen so quickly??)and very very occasionally I miss the little toddler that he was..

  5. It's nice to have them back once in a while! Shame they have to be ill though!!

  6. First of all, I am so impressed:

    Ironing? Pile of ironing? You DO ironing?!? Wow. I am in awe.

    Yes, they still are the little boy inside, when they stop trying so hard to be independent and tough. Nice to be able to enjoy.

    And I say, ruffle-away! He'll get over it.

  7. Libby - a cliche but I just don't know where the time has gone. It is lovely to see the boy that used to be and often I enjoying seeing the man he is going to be too!

    Diney - it was great this time as he wasn't ill enough for me to be too worried: missed not having him with me the day he went back to school.

    Sink - There are many jobs I love to avoid but for some reason I (dare I say it) quite enjoy ironing...! And yes, he might complain but I continue to ruffle and grab cuddles whenever I can.

  8. I wish I could ruffle my 14 year old's hair. I can't even reach. And now that he has his arm in a hard plaster cast, he would probably knock me over if I tried. He does kiss me when he leaves for school in the morning though! Bless!

  9. It is sad that only when they are ill they revert back to the lovely little boys they once were instead of grunting teens. Funny when I try to ruffle my sons hair he does exactly the same!

  10. I think it is those glimpses of what they REALLY are that keep us going, mes braves, n'est-ce past?

    Mine own is 18, as you know, and I still get hints of what is and what will never and always be... Beautiful post, my pet! x