Thursday, 25 February 2010

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts...

Today, Sunday, finds Saz lying in an interesting state on a red velvet chaise longue in 'another room', lined with black and cream flock wallpaper... She looks as lovely as she always does, if a little flushed.

Fhina meanwhile, has been breathing into a paperbag for about an hour, pale and sweating like a spring piglet...

No, our Teen Terrorists haven't finally got the better of us. Yes, we'll be fine!

It's just that - Thanks to all of you lovely bloggers and bloggeristas and your tales of torment to match those of the Brothers Grimm (and Enid Blyton - To be fair, your kids are wonderful reading between the beautifully wrought lines!)... this blog has been mentioned in the hallowed (whisper it!) pages of the Sunday Times...


Can you Adam and Eve it?

The article, written by 'an undercover male journalist', but mentioning Justine Roberts of Mumsnet, no less is HERE and Mad Manic Mamas (dads too!) is cited as a top 'Mummy Blog'.

...'Our rock and compass', Saz, and I began this blog because we felt a little left out by the soi-disant Mommy Bloggers... Those who were still changing diapers and nappies, who were juggling tots and tinies... Ahhhhhhhh, bless their little cotton socks!

We had golden memoirs of those days, I can tell you, rocking cribs, burping up wind, and dispensing Calpol by the bucketful, while today we are more likely to be found wrestling like skinnier sumos with our Teen Terrorists - Tormentors and Tormentresses, all...

(We love them dearly, seriously!)

So thank you... From the bottom of our hearts. ...For allowing us to wibble and witter on here, and giving us a space to feel safe from ridicule in. For accepting us, witch's warts and all, Teen-style tantrums, rants and everything else that we happen to be going through.

And for those of you who write like demons to keep the pages alive and throbbing with delight and passion... More than incredible Expat Mum and Auntie Gwen, wise Scriptor Senex, aka John, and fabulous vegemitevix, Super Sink, Sallymandy and Suburbia, clever-clogs Family Affairs and Jo...

Oh, and our feisty fledglings - Brighton Mum Teenage Angst and Trisha...

Your love for your children speaks of all the volumes we should ever wish to read, and we get a lot of comfort from knowing that, Saz and I, well, we're not alone.

...And to our commenters and occasional (usually teen) Tormentors (!)

Merci mille and big hugs from both of us,



  1. woohhoo ! well done to you all, I find myself often nodding and saying 'Oh yeah' when I read these pages but till now I've been unable to pop my comments in for some reason (? Blogger didn't love me !!!) Here's hoping you carry on doing what you do so well for a long while.

  2. everything Fhina said and MORE!!!!!!!

    'We is F.A.B.'
    saz x

  3. A huge surprise and very well deserved. I bask in your reflected glory.

  4. I tried to find the guy's e-mail to ask where he came across us all but failed. Anyway, it was very chuffing. Well done the both of youse.

  5. You are so right, Fhina; Teens are a different animal and it takes a different animal to parent them.
    I am learning so much from all of you...and am grateful that you let me be part of this.


  6. Woohoo! I feel chuffed! Even though I've only contributed the one post. Well done to Saz & Fhina for creating MMM. It's a wonderful arena to share our collective knowledge of the 'Teen Terrorists'. Oh and I quite like the idea of being a 'fiesty fledgling'...xx

  7. Hello, I was just wandering around the internet, checking out the other links in your profile (having read at Nancy's that you'd take a break). I'm not sure where to start here, first off -- I'm so sorry about the situation with your husband. This may really improve your relationship in the long run, although sadly it may also be about letting it go.

    However it works? I hope it works out in the way best guaranteed to increase your happiness :-)

    I don't really have a teen terrorist. My son's 19, and in college. For the most part, he's a helpful kid, and rather nice. Messy as hell, but I always tell myself that if I had to choose between, "Neat as a pin, but rather surly" or "Messy as hell, but pleasant to be around" I'd choose the latter.

    I'm glad I found that you're still a going concern, Triple F. I'm thinking you good thoughts, and happiness.

  8. Congratulations guys!