Monday, 15 February 2010

Tears Before Bedtime...

My man-child turned 18 last week. I know I've already mentioned it here, there, and bloody well everywhere!

But I wasn't prepared for the really peculiar (albeit short-lived - Fhina finally got a grip of herself) feelings of loss. And grieving...

I know grief. I've been there, done that, got the T-shirt, and the (tear-) stains!

I think I was, for a few hours, mourning the loss of The Boy. The child within this man who towers gloweringly over me. ...The little imp, chortling away in his little baby walker on wheels, while wringing my chintzy curtains orange through his baked bean-y paws... (I cried when we left those curtains behind when we sold the house... Such memories.)

...And as much as he's riven me inside out with frustration as he can wind me up so easily, I shall probably continue to miss my little boy...

While loving the man he's becoming, for sure...


  1. Love it. Right there with you!

  2. Crying for you and for my own first born.XXX

  3. And you will love him just as much (perhaps more!)as a man too - believe me! It's so hard when you first realise they have grown up and moved to a new epoch, but it is exciting for him, and you should be very, very proud of the part you have played!It's difficult to let go, but you will.

  4. Hi Fhina - any idea where Saz's blog has disappeared to???

  5. Oh, my Fhina! We spend all this doggone time attaching only to have to let them go....