Monday, 8 February 2010

Mother Earth, Mother's Ruin, Motherhood...

This is the day when my son, my Teen Terrorist, my man-child, turns 18.

There were days when I thought we might never get to this point!

...Days when he drove me inside out with rage and grief...

Days when I was so mad with my Teenager that I might have done something I would really regret.

In fact, I have done some things I really regret... I still need to re-glaze that pane of glass in the door...

But through thick and thin, I've always told him, no matter what, that I love him.

And I do. Absolutely. Like a fierce Mother Tiger.

Motherhood is funny. It gets you like that...

We talk about it, don't we? And the words have entered our language, for that very reason...

Rampaging mother-tigers; mother-hen; Mother Goose (good for nursery stories and getting them off the floor at night, for goddess's sake!); mother's milk (and alcohol!); Mother Courage (that'll be the gin, that we call Mother's Ruin!); Mother Earth (that's all the mud I've ever washed out of his trainers and jeans and cleaned out of his ears!); Mother Hubbard (that'll be all the weight I put on with the pregnancy and post-partum, so help me Weight Watchers!); Mother Superior (I'm not giving up this position, I've fought long and hard for it...); Motherwort (for herbal remedies only - Fhina, your Neighbourhood Witch!); Mother's Help (that'll just be me, then!), not to mention motherfe****!

I said I wouldn't mention it.

Happy 18th Birthday Fruit of My Loins!


  1. It's been awhile since my three were 18 but, so well, do I remember the days!

  2. Congratulations to you and a very happy birthday to him.

  3. I hope your son has a very Happy Birthday!

  4. Brilliant, Fhina, just simply brilliant. And darling, it never stops, the loving and the caring and the worrying.

  5. Happy Birthday to both of you! 18 eh? Not long for me either - where did the time go?