Monday, 22 February 2010

Sunday Times mention

Did anyone see we were mentioned, nay honoured as a top mum blog in the Sunday Times????

Here it is:


  1. Just read it two minutes ago in the magazine. First visit here as a result. I bet you all think twice now before you hit publish!!


  2. It was my husband who saw it first in the Style mag yesterday morning. I was very excited as only recently had my post published with the Mad Mamas.
    I may well inform my teen that he had better buck his ideas up unless he wants the whole world to know of his behaviour in future. Fabulous, I now have a bargaining tool.

  3. Yes I saw it on Sunday morning whilst slurping my cuppa - I splattered it all over the Style mag in excitement! Well done!

  4. I'm SOOOOOO excited! How cool! A great way to celebrate my new blog page now over at


  5. YES!!! Fhina and l have apost coming on friday about it, thought we would give some late readers an opportunity to read some of our teen posts....

    thank you al for making this possible...

    its quite a feather!!!


  6. I just blogged about it too. I hope that's ok. I mentioned you FFF as one of the founders I hope that's ok... it was a collaboration really wasn't it? But I don't know who was involved.

  7. hi yes....I blogged about it once being frustrating that all the blogs and networks were for mums with babies or when l mentioned a blog FHina joined me straight away no hesitation and it got started as soon as l pulled a blog together, Fhina is a prolific post we were made in heaven...

  8. Holy Cats! Look what happens when I have been too busy to write. You all are amazing!
    Love, Sink