Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Hot and Cold Teens and a Nod to the Dog!

Why oh why are Teenagers so bloody dramatic?!.....Sheesh!!

TD hates college, this evening she's loving it....huh? what did I miss?
Her Art tutor is "actually, sort of okay", last week she was "the bitch from hell who hates me and a devil woman" (TD's words)...
She hates her hair, last week after bleaching her fringe, it was "awesome!!"...
A month ago she had it cut shorter, now she wants extensions!
She loves her BFF, tonight she vented for an hour about what a pain in the arse one of them is "OMG!"
No worries, they'll be BFF again by Monday...

Of course, me, being the perfect Mum to Teens, that you know and love...*cough..splutter*
did a truly impressive nodding dog impersonation, you'd have all been so proud of me.

"Uh huh....Oh....that's too bad....yes I know....really?...Oh no...Oh dear...Mmmm?...." and nodded my little head off, till it was in danger of dropping off & rolling out the back door...

If you value your relationship with your teen daughter, or even just life as you know it, a word of caution. DO NOT OFFER ADVICE....under ANY circumstances....I promise you, fromexperience, it will come back and bite you in a painful place....

Take the drama on the chin....and just NOD!
Our thanks to guest contributor Karen who blogs as Brighton Mum Teenage Angst - she may be back very soon!


  1. Great Post!
    We mums have to be such good actresses. I often feel I have to think of the lines I need to say in order not to aggravate my little prince!!Though I think boys are less likely to have such swinging opinions on things (or is that just mine?)

  2. Hi Karen, you hit the nail on the head there. My Dark Princess (almost 14) is so up and down my husband has asked me to take her to the doctor. In his words 'it's just not right'. Or maybe it is, the perfectly normal state for a teenage girl.

  3. Thanks for the advise - I intend to start using it immediately "..uhhu..yep...oooh...yep...hmmmm"

    how am I doing?!!!! hope it saves my sanity!

  4. Oh, amen, Sister! I have a 16 year old daughter and 21 year old son........soooooo true!

  5. Not sure I'm looking forward to the teen years!!

    CJ xx

  6. My 10 year old is already displaying teenage truculent signs....oh no!!! Hormones are kicking in early, I think so maybe we will have an easy ride with her once she reaches her teens!!

  7. My two girls are 37 and 35. I remember it well!

  8. Thanks for the advice, I know as I open my mouth that they do not want my opinion or advice but it just comes out anyway, I really should learn to shut up more. But then sometimes you say nothing and they still hate you .. you can't win either way:-)
    thanks for sharing