Sunday, 13 September 2009

But they look good

Is it me, or are there no limits to what kids will endure to look good?

The Queenager went to school this morning jokingly wondering if she would be able to sit down in her skinny jeans. (No uniform). Alarmed, I made her squat and demonstrate full range of motion, although I don’t remember hearing her breather as she did this. I even offered to take her out at the weekend to buy new jeans. That fit. Her response was that they “looked good”.
“Ah well”, I thought.

She’s not even one of those kids who spends hours getting dressed, and certainly doesn’t hanker after designer labels.

“Did I ever do that” I mused, when she had levered herself out of the door. Given that I can barely stand anything around my waist these days I can’t imagine ever wearing a garment that would limit movement. But wait, didn’t my sister and I just recently have a conversation about how you’d have to lie on the floor to get your jeans on. Your friend straddled you, pulled the pockets together and laced something through the zip to pull it up. No – couldn’t have been. Weren’t we once guilty of getting the bus into town, wearing jeans that were so tight we couldn’t sit down, despite the fact that the bus was empty? (Heck – we could barely lift our legs high enough to get on the bus in the first place!)

Hmmmmm. Now that I think back, perhaps I’ll cut the Queenager some slack.


  1. Fab post, and it's so true! I think we do forget the things we did when we were teenagers - I was shopping with Grizz for jeans the other day, and when we got home he told me that the jeans we'd bought that fit him in the changing rooms, no longer fit him - I was puzzled, and then I realised that he was trying to wear them as they think is 'skater' fashionable, i.e. around the hips so you can see the boxers - Crazy! And then I see myself walking barefoot in the town in summer, because it was a very hippy thing to do... Incredible!

  2. Ahhh, the memories of trying to zip my pants with a coat hanger. . . thank god I don't want to do that anymore!! By the by, you guys have won an award at my site - look under I'm flabbergasted. Love the blog!! And the new look.

  3. Ha ha ha, good post. Now the only thing tight I will tolerate wearing is Spanx!

  4. Its something a teenager just has to do!

  5. And long may young girls continue to do so! By contrast I recall on many occasions tripping over my flares! Aren't they about due to come back?

  6. WOT? flares have gone OUT of fashion? says who?? I'm still wearing 'em!!