Saturday, 26 September 2009

Of course it's my fault

So my gigantic almost 14 year old son has been trying to slim down a bit recently. He has finally realized that yes, you can in fact overfeed an adolescent male body. I have to admire his restraint of late, and without over-emphasizing things, he knows that I am proud of him.

At dinner the other night I commented that I could tell he was getting skinny by his wrists. Everyone thought that was hilarious, but you know what I mean? He now has much more pronounced wrist bones.

"Yes but I still need to get rid of my moobs (man-boobs)", he lamented. And then followed up with the inevitable, "Which incidentally, are all your fault".

Try as I did, I simply couldn't make the leap between his moobs and my inadequacies as a mother, unless of course it's simply because I have boobs. Obviusly I was thinking hard enough.

Apparently if I'd mentioned that the little foil-wrapped chocolates in the pantry were women's calcium supplements, he wouldn't have stolen so many a few years ago and wouldn't have moobs now!

Expat Mum


  1. that is hilarious! And typical...although I would reassure yourself and him that this is probably an dl hate the term, puppy fat, my daughter seeed to shrink before my eyes over the period of last winter, when she turned 17 at christmas. Suddenly I noticed her narrow hips and her bum ad face were leaner, much. I've noticed this too in her friends. A mlae friend who I would describe as very puupy fatty, with moobs, lost the same weight as you describe over the same period.....and he took up walking seriously. AS i am planning to also. (note the word planning!)

  2. They are funny at times, aren't they?! A lovely post, Expat Mum x

  3. That's what a mother's for, to take the blame for everything from spots to hormone raging to moobs. Just sit tight. When they're about 26, they turn round and say, 'I just realised. I blamed you for everything! Sorry about that!' Believe me.