Monday, 7 September 2009

Home Help.

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Scriptor Senex's post made me laugh out loud the other day. With his picture of a dirty-dish filled counter-top, I thought he'd managed to take a snap through my kitchen window!

So you know that I've been avoiding lifting things while I recover from my back operation, right?

And that has meant I can go grocery shopping, but I only manage to put away very light things in the cupboards of the shabby, (not 'shabby-chic', note!), kitchen; I can't endure lots of bendy-back, uppy and downy, movements...

And Grizz has been intermittently helpful, intertwined with hog-stubbornly recalcitrant...

I honestly never know which way to turn. Still, I do very little turning too!

Who was that who said, 'The Lady's not for turning!'... Anyhoo, it could have been me.

Well, after a rest and scarfing down some tea, (supper to our Over The Pond cousins), I sauntered through to the kitchen with my plate to wash up.

I spotted, out of the corner of my beady eye, a plastic punnet of blueberries sitting beside the toaster. Not a great place to leave blueberries, and possibly something of a fire hazard, so I called to my husband, GJ, as he walked through into the room, being up to my oxters in washing-up soap suds...

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'Do you think you could pop those blueberries into the fridge, they must have been left out?'

'Sure, no probs', he cowered - I have him right under my thumb - SO NOT!

And he opened the fridge saying,
'I don't think this needs to be in there, do you?
That should make room for the blueberries!' As he said this, he was taking my new canister of Dove deodorant out of the fridge, replacing it with the beautiful blueberries...

You see, with teenagers, it pays to be obvious, to clarify every point... To leave nothing in any doubt. They take things literally sometimes, you see.

So, earlier, when I'd given him the bag full of groceries for refridgeration, and asked him to put them away... He had taken me totally at my word!

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  1. Ha ha ha. I have taken to having my teenagers load and empty the dishwasher (about time too), and I can't find a thing. The cutlery drawer even has signs on as to where to put big spoons, little spoons etc, but everything just gets flung in.
    BTW - that baby's hand is dangerously close to what looks like a cheese grater.

  2. Expatmum - You made me laugh with your children - I know exactly how that would go in my house!

    Do you think we need to get Elf and Safety in for the baby and the cheese-grater? I knew I was trying to do too much at home, bringing up a Teenage Terrorist and child-minding wee bairns! x

  3. That is funny.....this summer, I was looking for the butter that I knew I had purchased but could not find it anywhere in the fridge. My son had helped put the groceries up and I finally found where he had put the butter in the pantry....