Tuesday, 28 July 2009

An Hour Spent With My Man-Child...

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My man-child, Grizz, makes me a cup of Redbush Tea when I get home, bone-weary from the day's work, earning him pennies for X-Boxes, Etnies DC Shoes, Fox Hoodies, Lynx Deodorant and Morrison's Hoi Sin Sauce Duck Sandwiches...

He rubs my tired tootsies, saying, "Mum, you really need to take more care of yourself... I can really feel those tension knots in your plates of meat... (feet!)!"

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He washes up this morning's breakfast dishes (his), and goes off to empty the washing-machine of his clothes for school this week - Placing the black, grey and white T-Shirts on the airer, and putting his black jeans in the tumble air-dryer...

He folds his jumper noir up, fresh-scented and warm from the dryer and carries it upstairs to place it on a padded hanger in his neatly-arranged wardrobe.

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He folds back his eiderdown for that night's sleep... An early night for him!

And he starts to run a bath for his smelly ol' mum, pouring in the delicious Raspberry Sorbet Philosophy Shower Gel he bought her for Christmas - Out of his own money, mind! He's generous my boy...

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He lifts a warmed fluffy cream towel from the airing cupboard, and leaves it gently on the side of the bath...

"Night mum!" he calls, "Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite! Mind you don't let the bath over-run..."

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*@#>?*... T'yeah, that'd be right!

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  1. I didn't fall for this... not one bit!

  2. I just scheduled a post about my man-child (which I think I got wrong) so I thought this might be kosher. But don't you love the Philosohy stuff? Although the sayings on the labels often piss me off. Too bloody saintly.

  3. We can all dream I suppose....

  4. Haha....my heart started sinking wondering why my son doesn't treat me this way.
    Phew- I'm normal, he's normal. I feel slightly better....

  5. You're wicked Fhina. I was beginning to think oh oh! What has he done, or want? Then I thought lucky girl, he has been reading manic mamas and wants to change.

    Nice dream though.

  6. If only.

    How I would LOVE to enter my teenager's room and see a made bed, with all of the clothes hanging neatly in the closet (instead of in piles shoved under the bed).