Thursday, 24 September 2009

Comfort Food...

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Tunnock's Tea-cakes...

Wine Gums...

Stodgy Puddings...


Sausages and Mash...

Hearty Soup...

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I wonder whether I am to blame for my son's Comfort Food fixation... For whatever addictions he might develop in life? Are they in the genes?

I over-eat. I know I do. And I associate comfort eating with... Well, comfort.

Being in my peejays surreptitiously breaking off squares of chocolate is one of life's random pleasures, is it not?

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And I tried to bring Grizz up with a healthier attitude to food, I did... That he turned out to be no faddy eater was a real result for me... While one of my nephews wanted "Hard toast, please", and the other whined, "Soft toast, please"; The latter was the same child who ate nothing but sausages for several years... I had no such problems with Grizz.

He would eat whatever he was given and he played outdoors rigorously, ran hard, ensuring he was never really overweight... So we indulged ourselves occasionally - A biscuit here, some sweeties there... Avoiding the things with additives and E numbers and no caffeine or Cola, to keep him happy and healthy and hale and hearty...

And now he's practically an adult, with his mother's sweet tooth unfortunately. And I try to keep him healthy still, even while he's making his own choices in life... He indulges in occasional, but never excessive, alcohol... Two bowls of cereal a day... Cheese Sandwiches... Tunnock's Tea-Cakes... Wine Gums...

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And I still watch his teeth, and his waist-line, and how he fits in his clothes. And I know it's his body. And he's entitled to make his own choices... But smoking? That's MY bete noir... I really hate what smoking does to people. And I don't know now where I am going with this post, but I just wanted to rant.

Sorry. Rant over. For now!

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  1. Brave post, that I wish I had penned! I wa stalking yesterday with work colleagues about MY eating habits. Which formed as a teen, I found it not only a pleasure, but being a hearty eater, I was praised highly for finishing my plate, second neigh third helpings, these two portions of love, pleasure and praise have evolved into a comfort, one vice I have, I dont smoke (anymore, 18 years) I barely drink, maybe a glass of wine or g&t, monthly at most, I eat, and eat and eat..losing weight is becoming an issue combined with age ..
    It isnt a hotspot in the home with family, the kids appear to have their fathers scottish for living,not the latin passion I share...

    very interesting and provoking post you!

  2. I'm thankful that I don't have a sweet tooth but put a plate of cheese in front of me? OMG.

  3. "Being in my peejays surreptitiously breaking off squares of chocolate"...... bliss!

  4. I feel the same way about it all, well if you add mac -n- cheese, that is. I think no matter how old they get, you're always watching out for their best interests.

  5. JP can't abide a finicky eater...sorry Saz.

  6. PJ's? Chocolate? PMS? Inevitable! The rest of the time? I'm a cheese girl like Expatmum.

  7. At least you're honest. For years, I've been saying, 'I comfort eat. I'm not sure why.' Duh!