Sunday, 27 September 2009

Has Miss Piggy left the bulding?

My daughter is over the swine flu, well actually the flu is gone, but we've been left with the 'swine' part. The poorly girl, who was malleable and sweet, wanted hugs and watched her childhood Disney movies a week ago, that girl has left the building.

I have to remind myself that the flu, separate to the man flu version we all know so well, which is a period of high drama which involves a man, tiredness and the sorry for myself syndrome or at worst a bad head cold, BUT the real deal is really debilitating. I had it only once two years ago and it came on suddenly one afternoon, whilst at the metro centre, and I took to my bed after the teeth chattering journey home, from cold not fear of Larry's driving. Once you have suffered the flu, you never again think a three day head cold is flu. Two days later, Larry insisted that he take me to the Q-doc place for a consultation- and Larry doesn't do insisting nor do doctors, so I was sure I looked worse than I felt. Good old fashioned Influenza the doctor said, fluids and bed rest for a week.

What I need to recall is the period after the symptoms left, when I was bone tired and irritable for weeks afterwards. It takes a lot out of you. With our daughter, she has taken her many free study periods in the mornings this week, and translated them into mean that sleeping in until noon, is the order of the week. And me, her mother turned green and burst forth with,

'Don't you think that study periods may be better used, by getting up and doing some er studying? or some coursework? tidying this den of iniquity? I can't see the floor and you have 9 yes nine I counted them - half full glasses and cups that the dishwasher has been looking for!'

Any sense of humour has disappeared out the door with the flu and I, having worked really hard this week on an exhibition changeover at work, doing manual work dismantling walls and painting 12 foot high walls, just have not the patience to pussy foot around. I cannot get the house and me in a better place IF the vampire is sleeping all day, worse getting under my feet.

Today she and Larry were up at the crack of dawn to visit Edinburgh University for its Open Day. I feel like crap that I haven't gone too, but thinking it through and only getting the day off at the last moment when they had planned to go alone, I decided to leave them to it would be the best.

My daughter confides in me when it matters most, in that she needs my help or advice. I think that it is important to try and keep the communication lines open. It is necessary to remember that they DO NOT know it all, even if they think they do. Knowing that she will shout for my help, not Larry's in certain situations. Is a good thing. I need to remain approachable and not piss her off entirely. She however needs to remember to fill the dishwasher and keep her room tidy. A fair exchange you would think!


  1. Sorry about the flu thing. I have to say that the absolute worst thing I ever had was a sinus infection. I thought I was going to die and lay in bed for almost a week with the pain.
    I'm having the same thing with the Queenager. This (equivalent of Lower 6th) is the hardest year at school and she's a bit anxious. There are texts books and paper all over the house and her bedroom looks like we've been burgled. I will give her another week to settle down, then we need some order.

  2. How awful it must have been for you guys, going all through this teenage angst, plus exams and not being ALLOWED to play up. Pop was a martinet, a strict Latin macho bastardo-I'm just grateful that you all still speak to us. Mea culpa...mea culpa.

  3. Ah's in the past, gone, dusted, another time another place!!

    saz x

  4. Don't talk to me about the flu. Think I'm coming down with it as I write. Not a happy prospect by any means. Last time I was sick my horrible lot left me on my own for hours unable to move. I didn't get so much as a cup of tea! Mind you, at least I was spared all the usual teenage dramas for a while. I guess there is an upside after all.

  5. All sounds a tad familiar (apart from the swine flu. Hope you are all free from the nasty germ now.) Wish her luck with all the uni open days - that was us last year.

  6. Glad she's on the up! And study periods were often done with the computer on, book in front of the monitor and a pair of earphones in ny house! I did not believe my son's excuse of 'they are all vital parts of revision' one bit!

    Saying that, surprisingly, he did alright!

  7. I sympathise. Three of my gang had it and they were not merry either. Get well soon Saz.x