Saturday, 19 September 2009

Home Comforts...

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Our darling Saz was writing the other day, as only Saz can do - Making us laugh with tales of her young 'uns scuttling in and out of the kitchen, casting aspersions on their parents' passions, and ram-raiding the fridge and food cupboards...

And I think Beautiful Auntie Gwennie had much the same to say recently, about not being able to keep her lovely, growing son fed... Eating her out of house and home, I should imagine... And then our beloved Scriptor Senex spoke about Junior's magic abilities to make huge hunks of cheese just disappear.

Therefore, I am given to understand that Fhina's not alone in this... In my mind's eye I see the Sainsbury family sitting in their cosy snug each Friday in life, to raise a glass of their own twinkling Prosecco in honour of the profits they have made purely from Fhina's purse and the man-made mountains of food-shopping she has to cart out of their supermarket and into her home!

All of which, I kid you not, makes its way down the beak and gullet of our starveling Baby Bird...

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And then there are the 'phone calls - I swear he has a timer fitted in his tum! We might be stuck in traffic on the way home from work, and the mobile 'phone will trill into life, and we can recite the conversation verbatim.

"Where are you?

When will you be home?

...There's absolutely nothing to eat in this bloody house and I want you to bring some shopping in...

Oh, and remember ice-cream!"

And then we have to start all over again... And Mr Sainsbury's eyes roll back in unadulterated pleasure as his tills go "Kerching!"


  1. Oh, how I understand this!

    I have two starving teenage daughters, and one starving little boy. We stock the pantry, they empty the pantry. We stock the pantry, they empty the pantry. And so it goes... there is never any food in this house.

  2. Sainburys, you joke FHinaho!! bloody eck girl at this rate it'll have to be lidl or could one afford Sainsburys? LOL

  3. In reality, my darling Saz, I probably shop more chez Morrison's, LIDL, ALDI and our local Co-Op and very occasionally Sainsburys or Marksies, but you couldn't get a view of the Sainsburys sitting chinking glasses in their salon out of that!

    Plus, I only have one child to feed, not two like you... xox

  4. I've had to hide chocolate in the past. Hate it not being in the fridge but what can one do?

  5. Do you remember that ad.? Watch out watch out there's a humphrey about. I have one of those at home. Really I should have a cow in the garden so he can have it on tap!

  6. Oh my gosh! I need a second kitchen in my house -- one for me and one for them! They all cook! Argh! In my kitchen! Cook real food! I guess that it is good for them - they cook healthy stuff - but not good for me! As long as I can find my wine...