Saturday, 23 January 2010

ABC... (update)

My daughter has been in a grotty mood since she started 6th form,
I get the teen angst,
I get that boys are pathetic,
I get the l'm not hungry and the l need chocolate NOW feelings,
I get the must have this, I MUST have that now demands,
I get the sleeping in until the evening news
and the latest design of wardrobe that was the carpet
I get that you have had enough, want a break and so want to take a gap year,
I get that you want to change your mind as it is very real now and you have the offers you want from several uni's,
I even get the swearing not to lightly under your breath.

I don't get the tantrums,
I don't get the crying,
I don't get the shrieking,
I don't get the quick weight loss, (even after swine flu)
I don't get that you need AAB at one uni' and BBB at another and ABC at another, in any subject but all for the same majors Law & politics WTF?
I don't get you have stay out until everything is closed at 4am (anything I had to do l could do by 11pm (but don't tell Moannie or JP)
I don't get the mixing of drinks, whisky, Guinness, light beer and that blue stuff!
I don't get how you can go out with £6 and come home sloshed with £1 left(was l stupid)
I don't get why you want out of here one moment and then you don't want out of here the next, is it the nature of things, l thought l got it.....

... is it something to do with the fact we feed, water, house, advance you money, clean your bathroom, sometimes even remove plates, drinks and mouldy food from your room, give you lifts, support you at school, advance you more money and care about you a hell of a lot!

(btw this is me taking a back seat and leaving you be!)

Ps.BEWARE- Teen girl was sent home from school today, nursey thinks she has chronic fatgue syndrome, post swine flu. Made appt for her next Monday as she will only see lady doc.Thinking about it, it all fits..weight loss, sleeping lots daytime too, eating odd things at odd times, overwhelmed by everything, hating everything. So NOT JUST being a teen then...will let you know how it pans out. I just feel l should be behind her and make sure she gets through these crucial 4 months unscathed and hopefully rewarded.


  1. Oh, I ticked off amost EVERY single one of those.

  2. I shall be interested to see Moannie's response to the 11pm comment (as if she didn't already know!!!)

  3. I do and I did Scriptor, and suffered the same angst as you all do today, but look how she turned out, that lovely girl of mine.

    But then again, a lot of what Saz is having now would not have been tolerated by JP.whose Latin upbringing demanded respect above all, or by me whose own childhood was fractured. I thought that love would conquer all when it came to my own children, tried to walk a path between tolerance and understanding, sprinkled with a bit of rebellion of my own.

    I cannot condone rudeness, disrespect, or self-interest to the point where it ruptures the household. I know that Tall girl is at a cross roads, and that Saz will defend her to the death-but I do not like the fact that it is at the cost of her own health and I want Tall Girl to realise that her mum only ever wants the best for her-and a little love and understanding for herself.

  4. Oh, I do not envy you at all. Maybe a little tough love would do some good. Bless you.

  5. I'm not looking forward to my 10 year old getting to this stage. She can be a little (lot) lippy now, so god knows what she will be like at 16! I guess you just have to keep patient as much as you can, and trust that your great parenting will all be worthwhile when she comes out the other end! I guess it is mostly out of their control - hormones etc can make life very confusing. (And then it happens again at pre menopause!!)

  6. And here I am in a pissy mood because the Queenager spoke to me a little disrespectfully before. I should keep reminding myself that it could be a lot worse.

  7. I am truly lucky that the Eldest Beautiful Daughter is not a child that would test you. Now the Beautiful Baby Daughter will have me in a pine box as my mammy would say.

    Keep going Saz, we all send the love xxxx

  8. All you can do is be there and take the flack. Do hope daughter is feeling better soon. Sixth form AND swine flu together are not a good combination!

  9. Oh bloody hell! Is this what I have to come?? I don't think I will be able to cope! I do hope it's just post viral fatigue rather than CFS.

    You deserve a medal, that's all I can say.

  10. Hang in there - teenage son has been hospitalised twice this last year with glandular fever & it is taking months to get out of his system - physically & emotionally!

    Admittedly thing improved greatly once he wasn't worrying about college work as well (we are on summer hols here in NZ) - hopefully this will be the same once you get through these next few months....