Sunday, 17 January 2010

The New Phone

On Saturday I had 2 mornings, as if getting out of bed just once isn't bad enough!!! I'm not great in the morning.
I was awake at 3am to take my SO to the airport and then returned home to bed, being woken the second time by a Small Sprog with and a roaring dinosaur! He often brings his Nintendo into bed in the morning. Getting up the second time in one day wasn't any easier than the first.
This morning the children and I are all in my room again, on various electronic devices. I can't think where they get that from!
Small Sprog is creating a virtual creature to do battle with, I am here, obviously, on my laptop and Tall Girl is playing truly awful music on her new phone, which apparently is the best thing in the world........
Yesterday we went to Tesco to get her a new phone. Before we get there she tells me how she likes a particular phone that all her friends have, but that it seems to break easily. So when we get to the 'phone dept', she points to the said phone and says that is the one she wants.
'You must be joking' I say as she throws a pout my way 'You said it is hopeless, and just look at the price!'
The pout gets more pronounced. If she had been two years old she'd be lying on the floor kicking and screaming!
'Have a look at the others, there must be another one that you like?'
Obviously there wasn't, not one! Why on earth didn't I delegate this job to her father?
I tried to point out that she has just had a birthday and Christmas and a laptop in September and the fact that her existing phone has just decided to die, didn't mean she could have a top of the range phone, just for nothing. End of lecture! The pout continued.
'Well, you'll just have to make do with your old one until it completely gives up' I say determinedly, beginning to walk away.
I noticed a moment of panic in her eyes. I had found her weak spot!
To cut a long story short, we found a medium priced phone that she deemed acceptable. By the time we arrived back to the car she was beaming with excitement! She tore open the box, loaded her Sim and memory card and before we were out of the car park, she was oohing and ahhhing about all its various attributes. It was 'The Best Phone In The World'. Damn I thought, I could have got away with an even cheaper version!


  1. Ha ha ha, we are having a phone battle with my 13 year old son, seemingly all his friends have iPhones and he needs one! Have told him he has to wait until his birthday in August, but have a feeling he will wear down his father before then!

  2. Yes, but don't forget the golden rule. If it remains good in her eyes it will be because she chose it but if anything goes wrong it will be because you forced her to have it. It's called heads she wins, tails you lose...

  3. l would love an iphone, but every time l get a new phone takes me ages to get used to it...forever handing it over to the teens to do it for me...age is a terrible thing!

    its all about expectations and then its not so interesting l find...