Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Teen emergency.... kinda.

Yesterday morning, Queenager dashes out. "I have to be at school early". Door clashes.

"Byeeeee", we yell, without doing the usual equipment check at the door. "Take your phone" I call, as she's half way up the street. Right, well, never mind.

Five minutes later the phone rings and we can see that it's her. "Somebody get that" I yell, as I help Little Guy brush his teeth. Despite living in an American house, there's no phone in the downstairs loo. The Ball & Chain manages to dive for the kitchen phone before it bounces into e-mail.

"What? What do you need? You're breaking up? Call back on a school phone."

She calls back twice more on her cell phone, perhaps hoping for miraculous improvement by ATT&T. It hasn't happend in twenty years, so why it would suddently improve cell phone reception in under five minutes is beyond me.

Given that she's attenpted to call home twice now, it appears to be a national emergency so we stand guard at various phones. Then my brain wave:

"Text her", I say. "She can always send and receive texts". Isn't that the way teens communicate these days anyway?

"WHAT DO U ND?" texts the B&C.

Some huge emergency. Her response????

"Why R U still in the House?"



  1. They come in handy these mobiles! Texting is a way of life now I think, we ain't cool if we don't text!

    CJ xx

  2. LOL! Teenagers! Gotta love them and their randomness.

  3. I love this! I've found the texting lark brilliant for contacting my teen, reminding him of stuff and usually getting the single letter "k" in response!

  4. The Man-child (14) just got top marks for a brilliant piece of homework he did - an imaginary text conversation between MacBeth and another character. It was so funny.

  5. When Big Bro was a student his texting sometimes cost us (erm, him? not!) a total fortune each month, I'm too shy to say how much his bills came to on occasions. I used to say why do you need to text so much - now my own phone bills are huge from - guess what - texting so much!! It's a bit much when he comes home from London to stay for a chill and he texts from his room and says 'is the kettle on'?!!

  6. Haha, funny! I worry when they ring and I miss it...start worrying about every emergency that could possibly have happened.