Thursday, 21 January 2010

Don't worry - I'm out looking for the plot!

I don't know what's happened to my parenting blogging Mojo, mes bloggy loves...

I seem to flit like a gaddy butterfly, from subject to subject, from write to wrong.

I keep thinking of things to scribble about. My grand-mother. My late father. Something funny someone's said. And my routine is all to pot basically...

My son is studying for his last exams in school. He leaves school at the end of summer. We will celebrate with a holiday. Rome. Paris. Scarborough. He will take one of his five offers of a place at University, Goddess Wiki willing! We will pack his stuff. By which I mean mine and our stuff! We will pack him off with books and love, oodles of money and food, and love.

I flit between longing for time to myself. Moments not fraught with arguments and strewn with strife. I shan't miss our Battles of Wit. I shan't miss the hurtful things he can say to me... That spring from no-where and from no-one I know...

I shall miss his sparkle, his humour, his quick-wit and wild abandon. His eyes half-shut in sleep, cornflakes caked hard in sweet and sour milk on china bowls. I shall covet the stolen bear-hugs, when he forgets to be rock-hard and becomes my little pumpkin once more...

I shall revert to type. I don't really remember who I am. Nor who I was at any time in the past, when I wasn't his mum.

I shall be me.

I won't miss his laundry, mind.

But I suspect I'll still see it on weekend visits!


  1. its creeping up fast isnt it....our girl has put into five uni's also..but deferred for a year, she wants to go to camp america for 9 wks in summer 2011 and perhaps volunteer for the police in between.....all change!!

  2. Oh Fhina, I think that it was all planned that about a year or so out from the time our offspring is to spring off we seem to begin to visualize life with them away and can tolerate since we start clashing a bit and long for some type of least that is what I experienced with my first born that is in his third year at the university. Have no fear m'am, you will soon have an enthralling or knee slapping story to share!

  3. Noooooooooooooo!!!

    It's amazing how fast they grow up and move on. Mine still has two more years until college - and it freaks me out!

    I can still remember holding his hand and walking him into kindergarten......

    ::sniff, sniff::

  4. I suspect his laundry may be able to walk home by itself during the week!

  5. Love the photo!
    When my eldest was about to leave for Uni at 18 I was feeling devastated and proud in equal measures. I then became pregnant - perhaps that's the answer! Start again, like me! x

  6. Gawd, even tho' I have teenagers (one in the Lower 6th equivalent) I also have the 6 year old so am as far away from an empty nest as one could be. I can only dream of wondering what to do with myself......

  7. Funny hat that bloke in the picture is wearing!

    Why doesn't this blog allow you to enter a name and URL? Had to bloody well sign in to post.

  8. Yes, I expect you will see his washing. Something to look forward to I imagine..!!

    CJ xx

  9. Amazing picture - lovely post!