Monday, 11 January 2010

Totally aware of what's going on.

At my son's school (a 14-19 college) they allow the students to arrange with the individual teacher suitable appointments for parents night. Yes, we'll all raise our middle aged eyebrows at the wisdom of that idea.

So, I asked my son who I'm going to see and at what time.

And his reply...

"Oh, I didn't bother I thought you could just speak to them in the staffroom or something"

And my response...

"I haven't taught there since July"

I do actually live with my son.

Love from your

auntiegwen xxx


  1. Ooops! Hehe. Sorry, made me chuckle. I'm not the only one with a teenage son living on another planet then. x

  2. I love that!!! he he he! xx

  3. Yes, the idea of entrusting those type of arrangements with the kids themselves is rather asking for trouble isn't it?

    BTW - who's posting?

  4. Chic Mama - he is so in his own little world, I used to quip I had to check if he'd put his pants on in the morning but now he wears his jeans so low, everyone can see them!

    Diney - oh he's massively entertaining, if you don't have to live with him!

  5. I know that sometimes the teenage years and their traumas seem to last forever, but they don't, and I miss them.

  6. I think that is so real and a great post!!! Our teens are just on another
    planet aren't they?

  7. Moanie?? mIss them in retrospect l think you mean!!

  8. Moanie - any time you're bored pop round!

    Saz - yep unless it involves food or Call of Duty, not a notion !