Monday, 10 August 2009

The Driving Test...

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Oh, well...

I was steeling myself for my son's victory the other day... He was super-confident of passing his driving test first time... And was grizzling to be added to MY car's insurance on the day after passing... This was going to cost me dear - As much as I am expecting our summer holiday in the Netherlands to cost, in fact - IN TOTAL!

I knew then that my summer would pass in a blur of forking out even more spondoolicks, this time for petrol for him, while he sped up and back hill and vale visiting The Woodland Faerie and his ne'er -do-well mates, and I only ever saw the back of my car with him careening off into the hazy distance.

He narrowly failed, as it turned out. Four minors, but as two were the same minor, (BRAKING SHARPLY AND NOT CHECKING THE REAR VIEW MIRROR BEFORE THE MANOEUVRE), he received one major, therefore failing.

Now I have some breathing (even hyper-ventilating - Does anyone have a brown paper bag spare?!) space. We have our summer holiday in just over a week's time, then he re-takes his test on the 28 August at 1400...

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I should caution you to avoid the roads around Harry Potter, (and the famous Harry Hotspur Percy's), Town of Alnwick at that time and date... ( Above, in snow... It doesn't usually get this cold in the summer, but never say never! )

And if he passes...? Then avoid the town forever after, if you value your life and liberty...

I swear!

drivingtest Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. As someone who's 16 year old daughter has just taken to the road officially in the last month, (and whose 18 year old son has been driving the streets of Auckland for the past 18 months)- I understand your pain. Enjoy the reprieve, however brief!

    Cate :-)

  2. At least he doesn't want a Motorbike. Oh I remember this scenario very well.

    How can they not know that driving is no longer a pleasure.

  3. The good thing about Gibraltar is that they have to be 18, so I have another 9 months reprieve before we start, although he has already been on my case about going back to the UK for lessons. Bad enough worrying about him on a moped, let alone a car, with all his mates in it with him!

  4. My daughter has her test sometime the last week in August, but she wont tell anyone when??

    Regarding insuring MY car for her to drive...COME ON now..How an one justify £100 + per month, fo rthe pleasure of driving MY effing car..
    Ive just got a decent car...and l have no intention letting her loose in it... are you mad?

    Watch this space.. I guess..

  5. Pray he fails again or you will never see your car again!

  6. I shall not be praying that he doesn't pass, as I hope it shall mean I have a chauffeur everywhere I wish to go... I doubt that will come to pass, however!

    Bless you for stopping by - I am off on my hols tomorrow for just over two weeks - So you'll be in the (more than) capable paws of delightful Sazzie - See you later, mes bloggy loves - Enjoy parenting, or reminiscing about the better parts of it ;) xox

  7. The Queenager (16) passed her test last week - all 10 minutes of it. She'd been practising a lot so she's quite good, but 10 minutes? No wonder there are so many crap drivers over here.